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  1. The Annual Fly-in atbEchuca was on this weekend. 150+ aircraft including 22 Austers plus a Taylorcraft for the 80th birthday of the Auster Steel Aeroplane. Oh, and there were several,Tigers, Avro Cadet, Fox Moth, Hornet Moth, Curtis Robin, Westland Widgeon, 3 Stearmans, mobs of 170s and 180s, Pacer, Taylor J3 Grasshopper (immaculate), Cooper Swift, Stinson Reliant, and the usual gaggle of tricycle undercarriage things for those who can’t fly (land) without a nose wheel.
  2. kaz3g

    ASIC renewal

    You paid an administration fee when you lodged it at the PO...or should have 😊 https://www.asic.net.au/ kaz
  3. kaz3g

    ASIC renewal

    You do need a full BC. An Extract is not sufficient. You also need the usual photo ID etc etc. Check with your local CFI because mine is now an Agent and was able to check my original documents against the scanned copy sent with my application before handing over my card to me. This saved me the cost that the Post Office would otherwise charge. kaz
  4. kaz3g

    RAAus to disclose member details

    Council parking infringements are issued as part of a law enforcement activity under Road Safety legislation and, if unpaid, are dealt with in the criminal courts. Landing fees are civil matters.
  5. kaz3g

    Hunter Valley Incident 4/3/19

    Plenty to wine about, that’s for sure. wonder if he was the full bottle on landings?
  6. Thank you...found it. its on Ozrunways but not on the 250 topo which is unusual. kaz
  7. I learned to navigate at sea before getting into aeroplanes and, although I have been geographically confused a few times have never yet been hopelessly lost using clock, compass, drift and marks. But the new technologies are fantastic and contribute enormously to safety and I routinely use my OzRunways maps and GPS to reference my position on the ground. I think the flying school in that linked story is right on the mark. kaz
  8. kaz3g


    A little dyslexia goes a long way ☺️ Sorry.
  9. kaz3g


    Traffic (Location)(Type)(Call sign)(Position)(Height) (Intention) Traffic (Location)...is how I construct my usual call eg. Traffic SHEPPARTON Auster BYM wun zero miles south two fife thousand on descent inbound Traffic SHEPPARTON Not sure how that would confuse anyone. kaz
  10. kaz3g


    The AIP is a recommendation...see footnote to CAR. Kaz
  11. kaz3g


    Yes. CAR166C(2) is an “includes” rule. kaz
  12. kaz3g


    The CAAP and AIP are recommendations. The CAR’s are rules. CIVIL AVIATION REGULATIONS 1988 - REG 166C Responsibility for broadcasting on VHF radio (1) If: (a) an aircraft is operating on the manoeuvring area of, or in the vicinity of, a non-controlled aerodrome; and (b) the aircraft is carrying a serviceable aircraft VHF radio; and (c) the pilot in command of the aircraft holds a radiotelephone qualification; the pilot is responsible for making a broadcast on the VHF frequency in use for the aerodrome in accordance with subregulation (2). (2) The pilot must make a broadcast that includes the following information whenever it is reasonably necessary to do so to avoid a collision, or the risk of a collision, with another aircraft: (a) the name of the aerodrome; (b) the aircraft's type and call sign; (c) the position of the aircraft and the pilot's intentions. Note 1: See the AIP for the recommended format for broadcasting the information mentioned in this regulation. Note 2: For the requirement to maintain a listening watch, see regulation 243. There is no rule against saying “traffic” first and there is no absolute requirement to broadcast at all...only when necessary on a risk basis. If you are landing in your home paddock and no-one is around, don’t bother. If landing at a registered airfield it would be imprudent to stay schtum. kaz
  13. kaz3g


    It did...kaz