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  1. Beech did it with v-tailed Bonanzas a long while ago...the “doctor killer”.
  2. I had a hiatus too while I educated kids, bought them cars and married them off. Only way I can fly is because I’m still working full-time. Lucky my employer wants me. So many get dropped because they are more mature age than managers.
  3. Kiema . A beautiful aeroplane and a terrible loss of life in another weather scenario. The first option should always be staying over. PS. I was born in 1944 which was the same year they started on BYM.
  4. I remember when ADSB was first floated we (GA) were all going to be given subsidies to encourage fitment. it would be nice to have ADSB instead of mode C. It would be nice to have a new radio with dual watch and certified GPS and automatic frequency display. It would be nice to have an AH, too. But then I wouldn’t be flying a seat of the pants, antique aeroplane the way they were meant to be flown. i chuckled recently when YMEN ATC had to ask me to repeat aircraft type (and then the ICAO code) and even then referred to me as the white Cessna. I smiled when they expressed alarm because I slowed to 50 knots on final to get the flaps out with a following aircraft catching up quickly...”can you go faster?” (No, but I can land right down the end of the runway). It was nice that they organised a “follow me” vehicle to escort me to the parking area after I told them I was the same age as the aeroplane. And I loved the “very nice and sounds nice, too” comment from tower as I was departing! Love old aeroplanes 💜
  5. FIS...back to the future. good on the controller for taking on this job where Probably not familiar with many civil aircraft in the Area. Is the controller physically located at YBNS and have they established temporary radar coverage at Bairnsdale or are they relying on East Sale? fly safe
  6. Rule is cover all bases. Class action might need to think about an injunction restraining sale of aircraft. Expensive business for an individual.
  7. Hi Toppee i have received some details of issues affecting another student...particularly the amount pre-paid for tuition not received...but also understand there is a VCAT matter in process. would appreciate any link you have to that including parties, case number and stage it’s at, please. I’m just offering this as a personal opinion but you might be well-served to contact Gordon Legal re a class action they are running, especially if you have concerns about services already delivered. Also might consider making your own application to VCAT to recover money paid for services not yet delivered. Suggest you also write to the ASQA so your complaint is on record as their are time constraints involved. kaz
  8. I would love to hear from anyone who can help me with: VCAT case references Names of applicants and contact details information regarding responses fro Box Hill Institute or SOAR regarding refunds thanks kaz
  9. I brought a new level of civility to the Upper Gascoyne...the white lady wasn’t so popular then. and that’s the Birdsville Pub which I first saw 8 years earlier in 1969 when it was Still wild and untamed.
  10. There are reputable and professional FTS’s offering RA time towards PPL and beyond because it is a much cheaper alternative for building early hours. What’s important is the steady progression through the syllabus and responsible transition to GA environment. The hoped for advantage of using the VET system is the ability to do continuous training and pay the loan back later rather than having to scrape funds together as possible and learn part time.
  11. The moral of the story for prospective CPL’s is that they should look very closely at VET fee help offers such as these. Balance the advertising against the facts and actually talk to other clients of these businesses directly. Don’t trust web-based reviews. There are legitimate courses being offered with training provided under the fee assistance model but there are traps and pitfalls for the unwary. Once they have your loan money it’s very hard to get it back.
  12. One student has alleged: “Soar has taught me how to fly, some instructors were EXCELLENT and of course with every "community" there is always a few bad apples who practically will fail you for not having the optional clip on tie as a part of the uniform that's non compulsory in the eyes of the OPS manual, they did teach me how to fly but at what expense? I will tell you; I have a student loan that is close to $80k with an interest rate labelled as "index of inflation" at 1.8%-1.9% every new financial year on top...between $1440 - $1620 in fees on top of the loan you already have(depending who or which department you ask in the government), what do I have? practically a useless RPL and you know what, that licence doesn't even have CTA & CTR nor a flight review to activate it and be usable. what about the RA-AUS RPC then? well that's a whole different kettle of fish to boil, you guys wouldn't know what the hell is RA-AUS and what is it doing in a controlled aerodrome such as Moorabbin, well I will save you the troubles so you don't have to beat around the bush (casa EX69/18). so you might ask "HOW?" well its very simple. I got sucked in. I was one of those originals promised to fly the 172's and the Foxbat as the old mate who could sell ice to an Eskimo (those people know who I'm talking about, cant compromise anyone's identity), he was pitching the course at the time told me this would be temporary, so I believed as you would, they say ignorance is no excuse; well neither is deception. But 80k and not even a licence I can use unless I pay out of my pocket to get a flight review and having to pay out of my pocket for CTA & CTR just to use the damn RPL is not right... I'm sure there is HEAP's of people who went to other flight schools and had an EASY pass. yes I said EASY pass. because we(the students that are in the group) developed a paranoia towards failure. we have to repeat whole flight again and again.” It appears to me that a student who is up for $80k for an RPL without even Nav and CTA has paid an awful lot of money for very little. It also appears to me that what has been provided is not what was promised (a CPL). I understand there is a VCAT hearing underway as well as the ASQA investigation. Very embarrassing for Box Hill TAFE and I wonder if the multi-millionaire founder of SOAR will ever be held to account should adverse findings result.
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