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  1. Very sad event. The pilot flew the Tiger out from UK and had a lot of time in it. Also had several other aircraft including a very nice Chippie just recently sold. Straight ahead and sacrifice aeroplane rather than occupants generally the best option. Maryborough has long over-runs but a fair bit of timber off the ends interspersed amongst small farms. The dirt cross-strip is interesting because it runs uphill from the sealed strip and provides another alternative with built in braking. kaz
  2. Those Jabs must have,learned a lot from Austers. Salvation Army padre to the North, Vic Peterson upgraded from a Tiger Moth to an Auster after he put the Tiger down in a coastal swamp near Port Keats. He was heading into Darwin from the SW when, about 50 mile out, the engine stopped. Over dense bush at the time, he pancaked into the tree tops. Escaping with just some cuts and bruises, he commented afterwards that :”I probably wouldn’t have been hurt at all if I’d done up my seat belt!”i AUSTER...The Steel Aeroplane. kaz
  3. No idea but hopefully we will eventually Erin the facts...kaz
  4. Fuel starvation isn’t necessarily fuel exhaustion. kaz
  5. Wonder if he transmitted a Mayday Fuel at 30 minutes TTR? kaz
  6. Time Left: 16 days and 10 hours

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    French bladder never used by me other than trial fill. Purchased as never used off this site a couple of years ago $200 from memory.

    100.00 AUD

    Kialla, Vic

  7. kaz3g

    Wheel lock

    Time Left: 16 days and 10 hours

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    Wheel lock as new condition with two keys ...new price $70. Postage extra.

    30.00 AUD

    Kialla, Vic

  8. Whatever else he was, including a devout Anglophile, Lazarus Menzies was a brilliant debater. I saw him perform at Kew Town Hall when I was in my teens and he cut the floor from beneath his opposition. But his decisions during WWII nearly cost us even more dearly, especially his adherence to British is best in the way of aircraft. That and his willingness to leave us desperately short of skilled men and equipment to bolster the Allies counter in Europe while the threat from Japan was nearing its peak. it took Ben Chifley to sort out our homeland defences and get our men back from Europe. kaz
  9. Thank you everyone for your contributions...all appreciated. i recall many years ago that those ranges used to be marked as Designated Remote Areas and you couldn’t enter them unless you had HF radio and flew full SAR. The “Corner” is notorious for its beauty, and also for its rapidly changing and extreme weather as many sailors will attest. I spent a lot of time at sea out of the Lakes and Mallacoota, and the bars at both locations can be pretty exciting. So I think I’ll look for a stretch of calm weather, probably March, and go across the Range but will come back the long way with perhaps an over nite at Mallacoota. kaz
  10. Can’t remember exactly when but early 1980’s some guys called in at the Euroa Soaring Centre airstrip on their way home from Mangalore with what I think was a Scout. Peter Johnson took it for a fly. It lifted off to about 10’ into wind but sank back to the ground when Pete turned cross-wind. He looked a bit comical with legs astride and running while the little engine screamed it’s head off as he came back to the threshold where we were all standing. George Markey also called in there with his Ultrabat and gave us a demo of what it could do. He let someone fly it and they messed their landing by running into the back of a rather pristine Austin A40. George didn’t seem at all fussed about damage to either the Ultrabat nose or rear mudguard of the A40. kaz
  11. I think you meant CoG is behind the wheels...kaz
  12. https://www.atsb.gov.au/media/5544972/ao-2013-186_final.pdf
  13. It’s a long way around, Nev but it avoid that horrible tiger country. As you say, it an get some awful wx as you turn the corner. I’ve worked at sea (Fisheries) and dived around Gabo (Tullaberga shipwreck) out of Mallacoota and watched the Orcas at Eden, but have never flown there. The Kangaroo Valley route from Goulburn looks a tad better but again adds significantly to the journey and the risk of bad wx. I lost a firey mate in a C182 on Mt Selwyn coming back from Moruya a few years ago. Makes you think. kaz
  14. I’ve never been to Froga Hollow and would li,e to know if it has a CC avgas pump, pls? Looking to fly across the range from Albury to Moruya if I get some decent weather. Twice as far if I go around the southern coast. also looking for a suggested route from Wagga if anyone does the trip on a regular basis. thanks kaz
  15. kaz3g

    CASA to control the skies

    Maybe not, but they are piloting an aircraft and all of us flying VH have to have an ASIC or AVID to use our licence. Requiring drone operators to have an ASIC would be a boost to the economy. kaz