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  1. Me too 🤭 Around 1000 and never broke anything other than the winch cable thanks to great training by Peter Johnson and Mike Valentine.
  2. Interesting...FGN is 4 NM south of YMEN and inside CTR. The rules say a drone must not be flown: closer than 30 m to people — other than those helping to fly or navigate your drone over or above people at any time or height in a way that creates a hazard to another person, aircraft or property near emergency situations in prohibited or restricted airspace Guess Police are exempt, hey?
  3. We have a Commissioner who apparently thought it a good idea to pervert the course of justice.
  4. https://vfrg.casa.gov.au/operations/night-vfr/aircraft-equipment-for-night-vfr/ plenty of older aircraft flying at night without TSOd GPS.
  5. I think I mentioned previously that I took Mac for his last flight. Did this at a Coldstream Memorial Day for the original aerodromes owner, Jimmy Doake. Mac climbed into the Auster, despite hips and knees, and accepted the chance to take the controls once airborne. He flew so perfectly I felt very aware of my less capable demonstration of skills. He was a lovely guy and it was djp who brought him out for the day. Vale Mac Job.
  6. Left, right and hazard...also the little ones on the instrument panel that regularly tell me something else has broken. Radiator is cross-flow aluminium with welded plastic header on the side and this is where the problems occur. kaz
  7. So was Bill Posters but they said they’d prosecute him anyway.
  8. My bloody BMW has had two radiators and is in the workshop having a coolant leak (and other things) attended to. Lovely to drive but need extra boot space to carry around the emergency maintenance money.
  9. On a slightly different note... Stuart, a farmer, has a nice little RV. Ros, his wife, wanted him to come to town with her while she went shopping. He declined citing all this farmwork that needed to be done so Ros headed off by herself. Stuart decided flying would be far more fun than farmwork so got the RV out and away he went. The RV was put away and he had his head in the engine compartment when Ros arrived back home. ”Been hard at work all day, dear?” ”Yes dear, haven’t stopped. Lots to do”. ”You lying prick”, she said. “I logged into Ozrumways and saw you had been out flying for more than 2 hours!” So now she is known by all at the Aeroclub as “RosRunways”.
  10. kaz3g


    I loved the hangar run at the end of the day...zipping along a foot off the ground at 50 kn, then a left wheel off the taxiway onto the hard stand. Judging the energy so that you arrived sans braking. are you going to Clare Valley fly-in, Bruce?
  11. kaz3g


    I can’t believe that bit about the Auster, Nev 🤭 Mine seems to be rigged pretty straight and it will roll left or right with just a tad of rudder. Very simple stall recovery. i always try to land on grass if available and my turn onto final is often around 40-45 knots with the barn doors open to minimise touch-down speed (a few ruts and things from mowing when wet). I slip in the turn and avoid bottom rudder like the plague.
  12. Oh, the memories....Two-thirds of Mt Augustus was included in my lease of Cobra Station. My homestead was originally the Bangemall Inn about 50 miles west of it. The station was around half a million acres and ran down past the Pink Hills to the south. It was resumed by Govt after the drought that crippled us, along with several others including Mt Phillip, Walburg, Mt James and Pingandy. Wild times mustering even wilder cattle with a C172, motorbikes and horses. Sigh....
  13. I think you may fall foul of the guidelines https://www.business.gov.au/assistance/remote-airstrip-upgrade-program
  14. Mrs Possum will also appreciate the smoother ride in the PA28, compared to those lighter jobs. And the ability to pack more than knickers and bra for a trip away.
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