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  1. rgmwa

    ME 262 Sturmvogel - Was Hitler correct?

    True, Galland was a fighter pilot, so he saw its advantages from that point of view. Many 262's initially intended as fighter-bombers ended up being transferred to fighter squadrons (and there weren't many of those), or were abandoned. From memory, I think they built about 1,400 but only had a fraction operational at any one time. I suspect high speed is not as important in an Amy support aircraft as the ability to carry a lot of ordnance, have good endurance plus good acceleration and manoeuvrability. Douglas Skyraider and Warthog are examples. Typhoons and Tempests were pretty effective too. For what it's worth on this idle Saturday afternoon, in my view the FW190 would have made a better hit and run weapon that the Me262.
  2. rgmwa

    ME 262 Sturmvogel - Was Hitler correct?

    The Me262 wasn't very manoeuvrable, which would be a disadvantage for a ground attack aircraft. It was also slow to accelerate and the engines had to be handled gently. However, its speed made it an excellent interceptor despite its rather short endurance. Galland certainly thought Hitler's idea was a serious blunder and misuse of the plane's major speed advantage over allied fighters and its ability to knock down bombers with its 30mm cannon and missiles. However either way, it was a case of too little too late to alter the outcome of the war, so whether Hitler was right or not is probably a moot point. Goering eventually conceded that Galland was right despite initially backing Hitler.
  3. rgmwa

    Site speed - any difference poll?

    My download speed is 1.3 Mbps from a Sydney server and 0,2 Mbps upload which probably explains no noticeable difference. We're about 40 km from Perth CBD. What's this NBN thing I've heard about?
  4. Dan Horton also did some practical tests on fire retardant sealants that were written up on VAF. His conclusion was that 3M Fire Barrier 2000+ performed best. Not expensive either. https://www.3m.com.au/3M/en_AU/company-au/all-3m-products/~/3M-Fire-Barrier-Silicone-Sealant-2000-/?N=5002385+3293123941&rt=rud
  5. Marty, this might be what you're looking for. Haven't tried it myself, but looks like a good alternative to steam gauges and the price should be right:
  6. Mostly because they remind me of the old days. Besides, they look nice.
  7. Most Dynon and Garmin panels have the ability to display 6-pack analogue `dials'. After getting my licence in decades old aircraft about ten years ago I decided this was the way to go when I built my own plane, at least initially. However, after the first half hour I'd got used to the ribbon displays and never bothered with the analogue option. I agree that the position of hands on a dial are quicker to interpret at a glance, and did put a round ASI, Alt, compass and vintage 8-day clock in the panel in case the electronics ever gave up.
  8. rgmwa

    My Savannah S model rebuild Blog

    Have you tried a heat gun or hair dryer?
  9. rgmwa

    DooMaw - building a STOL

    QwikEFIS might be worth considering. http://members.iinet.net.au/~ninelima/efis/index.html I have no connection with the author and don't use it personally, but it looks like good piece of software for Android devices.
  10. rgmwa

    What Now - please advise

    Is there a link to John Brandon's tutorials?
  11. rgmwa

    Your thoughts on the Group Icons

    The current system seems fine to me.
  12. rgmwa

    Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder?

    ... and the Thruster!
  13. rgmwa

    Painting or Wrapping?

    Protruding rivet heads may make it difficult to get the wrap to stick around them. Any voids under the vinyl might become a corrosion trap?
  14. rgmwa

    Please Vote

    I don't think so, Ian. I have a PPL, my plane is GA and I'm not in RAAus, but recreational flying is what I do, so the name works for me. There are also professional pilots on here who fly for fun in their spare time.
  15. rgmwa

    Finally, the new site is running

    Is there an option to turn off the timeline bar on the left side of the screen?