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  1. rgmwa

    DooMaw - building a STOL

    QwikEFIS might be worth considering. http://members.iinet.net.au/~ninelima/efis/index.html I have no connection with the author and don't use it personally, but it looks like good piece of software for Android devices.
  2. rgmwa

    What Now - please advise

    Is there a link to John Brandon's tutorials?
  3. rgmwa

    Your thoughts on the Group Icons

    The current system seems fine to me.
  4. rgmwa

    Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder?

    ... and the Thruster!
  5. rgmwa

    Painting or Wrapping?

    Protruding rivet heads may make it difficult to get the wrap to stick around them. Any voids under the vinyl might become a corrosion trap?
  6. rgmwa

    Please Vote

    I don't think so, Ian. I have a PPL, my plane is GA and I'm not in RAAus, but recreational flying is what I do, so the name works for me. There are also professional pilots on here who fly for fun in their spare time.
  7. rgmwa

    Finally, the new site is running

    Is there an option to turn off the timeline bar on the left side of the screen?
  8. rgmwa

    Rotax 912

    I agree. The iS package from Vans is $5,000US more than the ULS. I don't know what Bert Flood charges for the iS but I'm sure it will be a lot more than the ULS. It's also difficult enough to find trained Rotax mechanics locally, and those with iS experience will be even more scarce. It may be different in Europe, but I think that for us in Australia the ULS still makes a lot of sense. However, the iS is certainly a nice engine with impressive performance and if I was building again I could be tempted to try to find the extra cash. Fortunately, I'm not building.
  9. rgmwa

    Rotax 912

    Just for interest, Vans publish these performance figures for the 912iS and 912ULS respectively in the RV-12, based on their testing: Range (7500’ @ 5500 rpm) 630 miles 433 miles Range (7500’ @ 5000 rpm) 605 miles 435 miles Tank capacity is 20 US gal, all useable. Miles are statute miles. These show that the iS is significantly more fuel efficient than the ULS.
  10. rgmwa

    Rotax 912

    I flight plan at 19. I did a long trip recently (over 4,000nm). Tacho time was 45.0 hrs and I used 773 litres giving 17.2 lph average. Time spent warming up, taxying, descending/climbing etc all affect the average fuel consumption so 19 lph is about as near as I can determine for steady cruise. I have a fuel flow meter, but it's only as good as its calibration, and in any case only measures fuel going to the engine, not fuel going back to the tank via the return line. Even in steady flight it can fluctuate between 16 and 20 lph for no apparent reason so I don't rely on it.
  11. rgmwa

    Rotax 912

    My average fuel burn on a 2-3 hour flight (912ULS) based on tacho time is about 17 lph but steady cruise (112-115 kts IAS at about 3000 feet and 5200-5300 rpm) is about 19 lph.
  12. rgmwa

    Rotax 912

    About 19 lph at 5200-5300 rpm in my case.
  13. rgmwa


    I wasn't telling you to spend $50k on a plane. I was giving you an example of how you might estimate the fixed cost of owning it if you paid cash for it. All the running costs and other ownership costs are obviously on top of that as per the video. I suggest you contact a flying club and find out what it costs to hire a Cessna 152. That will give you a rough but useful idea of what it will cost you to own a plane like the one in the video yourself, You may do it more cheaply, but if you don't fly much it may work out more expensive. The video is not very relevant to Australia except as an example of the kinds of things you may want to include in your own cost estimate.
  14. rgmwa


    Buy it for $50k, keep it ten years, sell it for $30k, fly an average 30 hrs per year and your cost to own it is about $67/hr. Change the numbers and assumptions to suit your situation.
  15. rgmwa


    Hard to answer because there are a lot of variables starting with the type of plane you have (size, age, buy or build, VH or RAAus), who maintains it (you, LAME), cost of spare parts, cost of hangar or wherever you keep it, insurance, rego (more applicable to RAAus), fuel costs (avgas or mogas), how much you fly, etc. My plane is paid for and probably costs me roughly $100/hr to run in round figures although I've never really worked it out and it will vary markedly depending on hours flown. That's cheap in aircraft terms.