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  1. Thanks toy all the replies / comments, I have a better idea now. Regards, Phil
  2. Hi Dave, Thanks for the information and opinion, that is a great help. I have been told that most of the benefits of the 550 over the 500 are US specific -confirming Ray's comment. Cheers, Phil.
  3. Has anyone done a comparison between these two? I am looking to upgrade and am not sure which one is better. At first glance it appears that the cost differential is not warranted.
  4. Hi everyone, I am new to the site - at first glance it looks the sort of site that will interest me. I haven't flown for 30 years and am busy redoing my licence. I have bought myself a Cherokee 235 and am loving it. There have been a few problems though. The prop is fairly new and is a Hartzell Scimitar 3 blade (CSP) and after the mid-life it had a vibration, despite having been balanced. Apparently they are prone to this problem. It is currently being sorted out. I bought the aircraft with a Garmin 150 which doesn't work very well and I am considering buying either an Aera 500 or a 495. Has anyone compared the two? As I am new to the "modern" age of flying (and to forums), I appreciate any chat.
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