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  1. Thanks for posting. They are really interesting. Also interesting to see how much they look outside the cockpit checking for traffic.
  2. I have found Aviation Insurance Archerfield good to deal with and they will work with you to come up with an insurance that you can afford.
  3. Go for it Rosemarie. But...Be prepared to have to battle attitudes of peers. (“Surely it’s too hard at your age)”; and attitudes of younger instructors. Keep going to different instructors until you get one you are completely happy with spending money and time on. I had three different goes before I found the right instructor and that’s a common experience for women learning to fly.
  4. well the office is good to deal with for getting a card. i have always been given a lift to and from town by motels and there are good pub bistros so i dont mind stopping there. i did get caught with inverell recently. it was the long weekend so they went away. (!) so glad i phoned beforehand especially as it is so far from town and so bloody cold at this time of year. goondi is quite interesting as i sometimes see the rfds there from roma for a run and circuits. i left roma same time as them and they were there in a wink and i got there more than an hour and a half later to find
  5. you need a Lowes card. Not difficult to get one. Just phone them. good to deal with.
  6. G Garfly... That is exactly why I thought my safety was worth $5000 odd and I put in new mode s transponder and new radio with monitor facility. Good clear radio and there have been times it's obvious rpt have been told I am in the vicinity.
  7. Google maps. To have a look at unfamiliar airport s. Windyt. I use a Garmin aera as backup. I just don't trust the iPad when it gets hot.
  8. Thanks for letting us know about the problem. This is one I usually didn't phone beforehand...will now.
  9. There is no 'active prohibited '. Prohibited is prohibited. Restricted has activated, not activated. Might be wise to look up the aip. I was taught 1 m from boundary.
  10. First gold nugget of information I got from the hangar person at my school...don't bother comparing yourself to anyone else. You will be good at some parts of the training and not so good at other parts so just enjoy yourself.
  11. That's the nub of the problem. Being up on the great divide in a bit of a valley I can't hear you when on the ground making my call. So I am more than likely interfering in radio traffic when making a call. Sorry.
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