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  1. Ahh ! I only looked at the thumbnail pic ! It's a two holer.
  2. Looks a bit like a panel blanking plug........of some sort !
  3. HI Ian , is it possible to increase the font size ......my old(ish) eyes are having a bit of trouble reading posts ?
  4. from an ageing memory ........ IIR.... there were major problems with the drive shaft /coupling system .
  5. You could also put a resistor from the poitive bus to power the lamp with the switch wired across the lamp so when the pressure switch closes the lamp is shorted directing current through the resistor.......if it's an Led then only few mills would be needed, adjust the resistor value to suit.
  6. cherk


    also of note the bungees are now not made with talc as the lubricant during manufacture which apparently means they maybe needing earlier replacement........yearly .....from frictional wear.
  7. Link is only good for AFR subscribers ..........NBG for plebs like me!
  8. Hi Michael,   congratulations on you superb build. Can you share details of the radiator your'e using for the EJ22?
  9. keep the Blue on top and the Brown on the bottom !
  10. Having similar issues ! Hope it works for you, Bloody nice work there Skee.
  11. I would suggest talking to the bods at Gawler , ( ASC , AdelaideSoaringClub). CFI for LSA was Karl Faith , I was a member till some time ago . The great advantage of the club membership is that your training is wet hire of club aircraft . Instruction is included with club membership . A good crowd of top class volunteers.
  12. Saw a post on another forum , just a couple of days ago , from him ( under a different pseudonym)......keeping a low profile ?
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