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  1. Initially I always start on the fullest tank when flying my Foxbat, then I use my wrist watch i.e. the minute hand, from 01-30 I feed from the right tank & 31-60 the left tank, works well for me but you obviously need some fuel awareness/discipline in the first place.
  2. The reason is the same as RAAUS a/c you don’t need it. Power + attitude = performance, plus we shouldn’t be flying in less the VFR conditions anyway. Attached a photo of the flight instruments I choose when I ordered my Foxbat.
  3. She flys well empty, no ballast required, but yes a later flare required that’s about it, stunning a/c, but I rather be flying my Foxbat.
  4. Well I’m lucky to still have a flying job but I’ve just completed a flight I’ll never forget, it started in Hamburg at the Airbus factory to test fly & deliver an A321NEO, with a crew of 3, that’s 2 pilots & a riding engineer we set off to Dubai for an overnight stop, next day to Hong Kong, flight itself was very enjoyable. After a compulsory 24 hours quarantine waiting for COVID test results we found out that the engineer tested positive, so instead of heading home & then Toulouse on Friday for the next a/c we find ourselves locked up in a government quarantine camp fo
  5. On the plastic card in brackets it says “Must be fixed to the aircraft” but as mentioned above in various posts it’s legally not required, authority RAAUS.
  6. My company policy in the airline is that we can’t push back until we have a FINAL load sheet with the correct weights for take off, landing & zero fuel which also includes the appropriate C of G %, it’s served me well all these years & I apply the same personal SOP to my Foxbat flying, except in the airlines we use standard weights e.g. 77kg for a male etc & in the Foxbat we use actual real time weights for everything. The beauty of the Foxbat is that we are 590kg with full tanks, my wife as pax , 20 kg baggage in compartment plus backpack under her legs, weight & C
  7. I agree on the Jab, however on the Foxbat with the Y stick they very user friendly.
  8. Another candidate for the “Darwin award”
  9. Jeez right now my dream flight would be to just depart Caboolture for the training area for some general flying followed by a few circuits in the Foxbat, my advice is never take the ability to go flying for granted, wishing all of you in that big brown land fair winds & smooth landings.
  10. Renewed my rego in July, never received my plastic rego card, when I phoned RAAUS office they told me that due to the virus & reduced office hours that no cards were mailed, they informed me that your soft copy of your membership card from the RAAUS app is legal as this contains your a/c’s details.
  11. Same rule we were taught in the RAAF on pilots course & I still use it to this day when flying the Foxbat 🦊 or the Bus. KISS.
  12. Straight from the CASA web site, so if you have no medical restrictions etc your good for 2 years.
  13. Over the age of 40 your class 2 is valid for 2 years.
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