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  1. You could say nearly every accident is a breakdown of SOP’s plus the huge gap between perceived ability verses actual ability of the pilot.
  2. Another example that the laws of aerodynamics are “non negotiable.”
  3. Yes they do, I can’t speak for Australian ATC as I haven’t flown commercially here this century but in Asia it was very common to be a given a 3-5nm right offset by ATC, it was never pleasant in RVSM airspace being 1,000 below opposite direction traffic especially when it was a wide body, the 777 was the worst in coping dirty air when the conditions were unfavorable, ie wind direction.
  4. I hear you, I’m onto my 10th logbook, that’s in nearly 41 years of flying, recently resigned & opted for early retirement, once I get out of hotel quarantine I’m looking forward to more pen entries logging my Foxbat time. PS when I was in the RAAF some of our guys did the combined logbook option, leather bound with gold embossed name & wings on the cover & it looked stunning, I did a google search for you & saw that there are 7 bookbinders located in Brisbane.
  5. Easy, you buy 3 standard logbooks & take them to a bookbinder & they’ll do the magic, leather cover with your name & wings etc, finished product looks great.
  6. GPS altitude measures your absolute altitude off several satellites not the same as a rad alt that measures height above the ground below the a/c ie used during low visual approaches eg CAT2/CAT3.
  7. Remember safety is paramount, declare a PAN & climb as required, you & the authorities have to remain FLEXIBLE.
  8. According to RAAUS news letter Airservices required TWO independent fitted vhf radios, hand held not acceptable.
  9. I’m trying to get my head around the TWO independent VHF radios.😡
  10. So as my Foxbat is fitted with a mode S transponder & a dual frequency monitoring vhf (I have a valid PPL) I would have to maintain 1500’ till class C airspace, then legally enter & climb as requested to any altitude to below transition altitude but make then make sure I get a clearance prior to exiting class C to be at 1500’ to re enter class E, what well thought out concept, mmmmmm.
  11. I’m guessing that rather than physically having two separate VHF radio’s having for an example the Macair VHF radio that can monitor two frequencies at the same time would fit the requirements, and yes if it fails you can sqwak 7600.
  12. Well I’ve just looked through the AIP & there is NO requirement to have dual VHF radios to legally operate in ANY airspace in Australia, looks like Airservices is just making things up as they go along.
  13. So I’ve just read the latest from RAAUS, not only do Airsevices want mode S transponders fitted in Class E airspace they apparently will require dual VHF radio’s, wow the radio requirement not even currently required to operate in Class C airspace, what next? 2 x autopilots or perhaps GPWS. Unbelievable 😡
  14. Go on YouTube & look at Stefan Drury’s videos, he’s landed his Cirrus at Darwin, Melbourne & Sydney, will answer all your questions.
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