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  1. corvairkr

    Fire Sleeve

    I’ve used Damien at ASAP a number of times and can’t rate his service high enough. http://www.asapspares.com.au/ Jason.
  2. https://www.rotax-owner.com/en/flightsafety/476-ai476 jason
  3. corvairkr

    Mikuni Fuel Pumps

    judging by the sellers name in the link, I reckon he might be ;) Jason
  4. corvairkr

    Hi. I’m Rose. I fly a skyfox gazelle.

    Hi Rose , I see you’re from Townsville, what strip do you fly out of ? Jason
  5. corvairkr

    Are bubble canopies hot?

    I fly a 601 HDS with a tinted canopy and the Vans RV NACA ducts to eyeball vents for cockpit airflow up here in North Queensland. On the ground it can get pretty tropical but in the air we’ve had absolutely no problem. You can also buy retractable shade screens such as the Home which I’ve been meaning to get....more for shade while we’re parked at other airstrips. Jason
  6. corvairkr

    Aviasport Tacho

    Does this help Mate ? It looks like a factory calibration input. http://www.aviasport.com/pdf/Instruments/Datasheet_IM_105.pdf Jason
  7. corvairkr

    Timing is everything.......

    It’s the opening scene of the 1989 movie “ Always “ about a fire bomber Here’s the trailer :) Click the link on the Black screen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTFMBfp0--k Jason
  8. corvairkr

    Brake fluid?

    I use an oil can it works a treat ....just cut the yellow nozzle off and you have your hose built in :) SCA Oil Can, Flex Spout - 300mL - Supercheap Auto
  9. corvairkr

    503 rebuild

    Deskpilot, Is this any help to you ? Rotax, Rotax 503 aircraft engine repair manual. Jason
  10. corvairkr

    X-Air Standard Performance?

    ShaneA, The Bolly props don't have pitch blocks mate but they are adjustable. This link should help you out http://bollyaviation.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/BOS-3-instructions.pdf Jason
  11. corvairkr


    You also have Edge performance in Norway :) Fuel injection, Turbo & Supercharger kits - EdgePerformance AS Log in to Facebook | Facebook Jason
  12. corvairkr

    Rotax 912is fault finding

    New alert service bulletin for the 912is Rotax-Owner.com - Alert Service Bulletin ASB-912 i-007 Jason
  13. corvairkr

    Rotax 912 Coolant

    Here's the latest SI for the selection of suitable operating fluids. https://legacy.rotaxowner.com/si_tb_info/serviceinfo/si-912i-001r3.pdf Jason
  14. corvairkr

    Rotax 912 Coolant

    I use Nulon premix.You can pick it up from Supercheap. https://www.nulon.com.au/products/Cooling_Systems/Blue_Long_Life_Premix_Coolant Jason
  15. Aeronautical Information Package | Airservices