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  1. That's right. some times on the larger allen heads you can loop the thin lock wire through in a long loop. insert the allen key and torque up. Then do the twists and safety onto the frame, etc. The lock wire is secured after torquing the cap screw / bolt up. Cheers
  2. Yep agree / understand. Sometimes there is enough tolerance to allow thin lock wire. past allen wrench in the cap head and then between the tube. Case by case matter. Cheers and thanks for comment.
  3. I usually use a 1/16" cobalt drill and 'rocol' in a drill press (for the lock wire holes. Tip - Nip up first to assess were the hole is best placed.) and I wrap tape around the engine mount frame where the lock wire will be wrapped to protect the paint coating against abrasion. Cheers
  4. Had one in my old Skyfox. Paddle wheels seem to always wear in time and fail. I don't put my fuel burn trust in them. Monitor fuel sight tubes. If you can borrow another sender or if you can purchase a new sender. May turn out to be a waste of money but you will know if that was the fault. Cheers
  5. Send details to rotax service agent and consider joining the Rotax owners.com and ask the question there. (That site has some very experienced and helpful in advice people.) Cheers and hope to hunt the fault down soon. Look forward to hearing the solution.
  6. Its a great build you guys need to catchup at a flyin and compare build ideas. Cheers
  7. Blueadventures

    Drifter Pics

    Looking nice and clean as usual.
  8. Blueadventures

    Drifter Pics

    Chris are you going over to the Childers flyin later in the year. Its a STOL day but would be a nice flyin day. I plan to fly down and camp over. One day I'll get to Mcmaster airfield again. Cheers
  9. Shute harbour airstrip. Practise day Friday 6th.
  10. Anyone on the forum getting to this event at Shute Harbour Airstrip in September either flying in or driving? Last year we did not sign up for the formal dinner just bought eats and drinks at the variety of food and drink stall vendors and there were tables and seating available or there is the formal sit down at made up tables. May see some of you forum members there. Cheers
  11. US seems to be aiming at 2023 for the decision; so still to be confirmed over there.
  12. I've got two (nitrile) on the way as spares (should get in todatys mail); in case I damage one in the field or at home airfield; or a mate may need one. I had a set of nitrile ones on an 80hp 912 years ago. Then one day put some aviation soft seal #3 on the upper side to hold it in the groove better. It swelled and became us so don't try that. Need a die cutter maker to make a cutter to pop them out of sheet cork. These days a 3D printer could make a cookie cutter the correct shape in hard plastic material. (That's an isea for a forum person) I was going to hand cut two emergancy spares buy better to buy them outright. I enjoy repairing things for some stupid reason. Cheers Cheers
  13. I'd Q2 and purchase another 3 as ready reserve spares.
  14. 'Tuskegee airmen' is a good movie and action
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