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  1. Blueadventures

    Carby heater on a Rotax 912

    My post was 4,600 rpm not 6400. To mean that anytime flying S&L at 4,600 my aircraft was desending. With any icing and engine not developing greater than 4600 I could not climb. At the occasion I mentioned the end of runway gate was open and flew through the opening. If closed could not climb. Out come would have been different. Iceing occurred during the flight, close to airfield and diverted direct to runway.
  2. Blueadventures

    Carby heater on a Rotax 912

    It is a friend's aircraft. He does want carby heating. I will always have carby heat available. I have experienced the need twice; one example is in my earlier skyfox Ca21 with a rotax 912 UL 80hp. For info; If you have never flown a skyfox tail dragger they need plenty of rpm (above 4,600 in my experience) to maintain or increase height (Due to the wing design). So when on decent and you get icing, rpm well below above and the pilot don't have or use carby heat you will continue on the current rate of decent and if short of runway you be on the ground off airfield and hopefully no damage if luck is with you. The other before that in a motor glider. In my option pilots should not rely on past history of never having icing as I believe it can occur when the conditions exist. Comment made with sincere intentions. Cheers Mike
  3. Blueadventures

    Carby heater on a Rotax 912

    Hi Skippy absolutly agree. I was calling past his airfield on my way to Mackay after doing some work out of town. Regarding the carby heater it has somehow shorted out the rectifier / regulator, item US and a replacement one fitted. I do not know about these units and there is no branding on it. Hence this thread putting the inquiry out there. If no details can be found it may be worth his while replacing it with a current day carb heater unit; I have the Irish made electric unit and I am happy with it. He does want carby heat, fitted to and working on the engine. Yes, the fuel system and wiring need correction and appropriate securing; and this is being done; including under the instrument panel. Regarding the carby vent line; it is of the required type and lengthby rotax; however he is advised not to join into a lenghtened hose arrangement. This is to be rectified by way of fitting a larger i.d. hose / drain tube that the carb vent goes into, so that no low pressure air passing suction occurs and prevent fuel discharge onto the exhaust system. Will be nice to discover the unit details and wiring instructions; as it was wired to the charge side of things and was only energised at about 300 rpm (engine). Regards Mike
  4. Blueadventures

    Carby heater on a Rotax 912

    Hi A friend is doing some maintenance to a Rotax UL (80 hp) installed on a Lightwing. He is asking for any details on the attached carby heater unit; wiring details etc. He said it was wired into the ac wires (Yellow) that go from engine into the rectifier regulator. He would like to know if it can be wired direct via a switch and fuse to 12 Volt DC or if it must connect to the yellow wires (ac). Any advice is appreciated by him.
  5. Blueadventures

    Rotax 912 Coolant

    'Castrol Radicool' is what I use; no issues. Read mix ratio. Eg not more than 50% in concentration for Rotax 912 uls. Cheers
  6. Blueadventures

    BalanceMaster testing

    Can you do a re drill between you large holes that way you can fit where ever you want.
  7. Blueadventures

    A new Nynja in the area

    Life's a Beach sometimes 🙂 Nice weather for flying; for a change after the early start-up of the wet season. A1 flying conditions. Great to catch up with the Whitsunday Flying Friends gang. Cheers
  8. Blueadventures

    Tell us about your last flight

    Life's a Beach sometimes 🙂 Nice weather for flying; for a change. Great to catch up with the Whitsunday Flying Friends gang.
  9. Blueadventures

    Tail wheel rim, bearings and tyre.

    Time Left: 20 days and 11 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • NEW

    This item is a pneumatic 'wheel chair' type rim and tubed tyre and a black rubber 200 x 50 both unused. Bought as spares for a glider tail wheel and no longer required. Asking $45 the lot. Suitable for a tail wheel on some light aircraft. Selling within Australia and NZ only. Cheers.

    45.00 AUD

    , Queensland - AU

  10. Blueadventures

    A new Nynja in the area

    Took the Nynja for a fly with Sandy to the bush last year when a rodeo was on. Caught up with some friends who were camping there and a mate was riding in some events. Plan to visit again this year and stay over night.
  11. Blueadventures

    Forced Landing, Sunshine Coast

    Palmwoods Mayday 5.2.2019 201902041710-567947-23471.mp3Palmwoods Mayday 5.2.2019 201902041710-567947-23471.mp3 This may work.
  12. Blueadventures


    Place a concrete 450 x 450 mm square for areo-bunnings on the floor where your measuring to, that will maintain your positions. Images show the laser pen point on the ground and its behind the protractor. It is good for altering the pitch to get the desired rpm at WOT etc.
  13. Blueadventures


    This is something you can make and the laser pen is a great addition. Gets very accurate adjustment. Cheers
  14. Blueadventures

    Another NEW Savannah S on it's way in NZ

    Looking good IBob. Getting closer. I was helping a mate during last week with his 5 yearly rubber and Annual with his Sav S. After doing that I believe that fitting 90 degree connectors for the oil cooler would assist with the hose runs to the oil pump and the oil canister. I'm going to try and source some for him in alloy during the maintenance he found some in steel; but heavy. Its a shame the oil cooler has such a large diameter male thread connection as it limits the available items. (On my Nynja build and the rotax oil cooler used allowed fitting the tight 90 degree connectors in their catalogue - under the ruler in image 844.) Regarding the longish radiator coolant hoses; the UK Skyranger people make a set of light alloy pipes that are great and at hose change time only need the short connectors in rubber or Silicone; saves the long rubber hose runs. (Grey pipes in images 750 and 778.)
  15. Blueadventures

    Rotax 912uls oil level

    If over full it's spat out the vent pipe, that's why I aim for 2/3 rods as my max. Cheers