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  1. Channel 7 had live coverage. You may find info on thier site. Not being there, only seeing the news chopper coverage there was obvious damage to the rear horizontal stabilizer port side and hard damage to the Stb wing leading edge close to the cockpit. The aircraft was on its wheels. A taildragger. The mains looked it place. There was a tree that the aircraft stopped at and you could see what appeared to be stumps on cut off trees in the area. A distance video showed a lot of clear area and scene was beside where other aircraft were landing. Perhaps a need to land immediately presented and required a modified circuit approach to the lz??? This is not a verified report only interpretation of 7 live coverage.
  2. Agree. Maybe opportunity for another player in the market. The feature I ask for is to be able to have personal way points with detail and contact formation stored and selected via the document tab were we get the ERSA info about the airport.
  3. Good he's ok. With that team involved should get an accurate and quick heads up as to the contributing factors.
  4. Hi Marty Try dropping it into boiling water 100degC or phone Floods and they will have some advice on what to do. If you use a flame torch keep it moving to apply the heat increase slowly and you could mount the housing to a piece of timber held in a vice or clamped to a work bench and fasten with bolts or screws so it's firm when undoing using welding glove on the pipe; that way you won't apply too much pressure and bust it.
  5. No JetStar; flight must has been held back. ☺
  6. Hi Split can you confirm for me regarding Apple pads that if you delete the ozrunway program and later reinstall any personal entered user way points are retrieved. This did not occur with my android (samsung) pad when the program was deleted and the subscription was current. My next pad will be a cellular ipad mini for the added features than may never get on the androids.thanks Mike
  7. Use your verners to measure inside of both ends as some of these are slightly narrower dia at inside end to ensure not working loose in operation under vibration etc. There are metric nut plates in europe that are like a nylock and easier to put in and out but like all nylock methods only tight for a number of uses. I used camlocks for half my panel access panels, works great. Your getting closer with the build; well done. Cheers
  8. Agree usually loose all personal entered user way points.
  9. I take Aldo's source of info as most accurate being from those affected and most likely informed by Police. News reports are regularly incorrect. Under the circumstances I won't comment further on open forum other than to say information on the forum is always appreciated. Best regards Mike
  10. Best to do the sums and include what the hangar would sell for down the track, value may go up, down or remain level. One or two other aircraft can help off set the cost and if so best to take out a hangar keeper insurance. If you look at the purchase mid to long term say 10 years or so the resale price might tip the derision to buy into the 'go ahead with purchase' area. Most hangarage is in the $2k to $4k per year area unless your lucky, and some are.
  11. Hi Danny I did a Skyranger Nynja kit and can not fault it. Seat max is 120 kg, I'm 6'1" and plenty of head clearance. My mtow is 540kg and empty weight is 286kg. Can get wing tanks which I have at 52 litres each and a 6 litre collector tank so good range. I have wing tanks. Flys great cruise 90 to 100 when you want. Max rough air 90 kts and vne 117kts (actual tested 125kts but chose 117 to allow a 120 kt ASI instrument ) Therefore are some reports on this site under the Skyranger heading. Kit is bolt together and no painting required. Re mtow the new kits all have the 600kg mtow bits except for the 600kg undercarriage as its still being certified.I'll be moding mine in twelve months. If your ever at Mackay give me a call and we can arrange a fly. Cheers and try many before you decide. Don't just look at the advertising and people's comments. Aircraft are fun to own, maintain and fly or whatever bits you like. Cheers Mike
  12. Whenever I need to drill a safety wire hole in the head of a cap screw; I first nip up the bolt and decide which of the Allen head recess sides I'll drill to allow the best route to where the other end is secured. Allows for effective neat practical safety wire work. Cheers.
  13. Hi Perry I see you have an 'Aviasport' oil pressure gauge; did you hook up an led indicator lamp off the back pin (green arc off, yellow caution arc blinking and red arc led is illuminated) very good at getting attention if ever you have low oil pressure. I hooked up the CHT and Oil Pressure and also when the starter solenoid is engaged (On rare occasion the solenoid will stick on and damage the stater and drain the battery.) Cheers and best wishes and flights for the New Year 2020.
  14. If you adjust the turnbuckles won't the rudder (feet off) set itself where is is now and you will have the same situation?
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