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  1. Blueadventures

    DooMaw - building a STOL

    Hi HITC Re walk the plank. Set up a wine bottle or long neck beer bottle horizontal with neck over the edge of a bucket. Smeer some cooking oil on neck and sick some bread crust in the end smeared with honey, syrup or peanut paste. Mice can't resist the lure and the bucket should fill in no time. No poison so can leave them out for the friendly wildlife to devour. If you try let me know what you think of the idea. It works foe us. Cheers re wiring being eaten is it aviation grade wiring?
  2. Blueadventures

    Tell us about your last flight

    Just got my editing computer serviced and this is a flight done not long ago and with an N3Pup that is hand started.
  3. Blueadventures

    A new Nynja in the area

    Just got editing computer serviced so this is a flight we did not long ago and a mates nice N3Pup that is hand started.
  4. Blueadventures

    Trying to get in touch with storchyneil

    Hi BlurE I had some time today and rang Storchy; he's all good just having a break. I said Hi from all his forum mates and he said thanks and Hi back to us all.
  5. Blueadventures

    Another NEW Savannah XL on its way

    I used these. Could even salvage some out of a scrapped air frame. I bought mine from Aircraft spruce. Push into verify working. I find the sensor activates when the fuel is down at least 80 mm therefore only 5 litres out of the full 6 litres left in the collector / surge tank. Good to test and verify working from time to time. I have mine in a different aircraft and where it is placed behind the right seat I can visually see the contents. This gives good reassurance when near end of a long flight. Cheers
  6. Agree. Bit like driving your private vehicle to work each day, raa plane should be judged same for similar use. Bulls comment would apply if doing a regular, payed (not share ) transport to work of a passenger in a RAA aircraft.
  7. Blueadventures

    Trying to get in touch with storchyneil

    Just sent pm. A copy from Tech manager thread. If you speak to him say hi from myself. Cheers Mike
  8. Blueadventures

    Small Flying Schools

    Agree. At the Rockhampton PDP at end of June RAA said they had an SMS written that was being made available to all flying schools so they could edit it for their operation thereby meeting their requirement of an SMS with minimum effort. I took that as a great piece of work that would assist greatly flying schools in a good way. Cheers
  9. Blueadventures

    100 hourly and the yearly inspection

    Hi Yenn Was mentioned on 30 June; between when they spoke about section 12.5 of tech manual about what record example wording should be entered into log books and when they mentioned there were 155 lames as members in RAA. Cheers Mike
  10. Blueadventures

    Silly aviation pictures.

    Co-pilot took control and ripping around for a better look.
  11. Blueadventures

    Silly aviation pictures.

    Thier displaying thier two exemptions.
  12. Agree, his mateship is always missed at airstrips and events he attended; a great fellow aviator to have known and always remembered.
  13. Blueadventures

    100 hourly and the yearly inspection

    RAA said at the Rockhampton PD presentation that a December audit of the 300 renewals discovered only 30 (10% ) compliant. Eg 100 hourly done after say 3 to 4 years and no annuals performed. Therefore aircraft not maintained in accordance with manufactures instruction. Should answer your question a bit. Cheers
  14. Blueadventures

    How to improve the reliability of the 6 Cylinder Jab

    Hyundai In my opinion the standard Skyfox is not the airframe to put speed / hp into. I expect you may have read that skyfox max cruise speed in smooth air is 86 kts. (Would rarely get that speed WOT S&L in my experience flying both variants) Vne is only 93 kts. Wing design is not conducive to going faster than 75 to 86 kts. There is one on the VH register with modified wing cord shape and by all accounts it would meet your plan goal. Matt may give details if you ask him. Coastal aviation have a better wing design but advised a few years back that they would not be tooling up to make them. Most likely due to limited market for that type of construction. By all means build your modified design but if designing not available put the time and effort into a proven robust design. To reinforce Nevs comment the Ca21 airframes are lighter tube in the lower cabin construction where the under carriage hangers are attached (welded on) and the 25 variants are beefed up in that area. Cheers and good building of your dream. Mike
  15. Ross I expect would have been making sure sand and moist salt water did not get into the locking down fastening arrangement parts..