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  1. An approximate price for the kit and the install price would be good information. I have been considering to fit your unit as I have read the reviews. Also do you have a 9 volt suply from the aircraft. Thanks Mike
  2. Hi Mark Looking like your over the hump of preparation and on the down hill with little delays other than the build time and then paint, etc. Enjoying the posts. Well done. Cheers Mike
  3. Good news O.K.; sounds like your getting on top of the matter; like skippy said coat a thin smear of electrical approved grease between the terminals (I use a form of electrical splicing grease); recommend your clean each ring terminal both sides fully (can use an electrical contact spray for this). I have three negative posts in my Nynjas electrical system placed at convienent places that all negatives attach to. They are also tightened with a nylock nut and spring washer. Always need tight security and no movement of the terminal ring ends. Enjoy the flights. Cheers
  4. With the skirt its a 'hovercraft'; with a wing only (no skirt or engine pushing air down) it would be a vessel that is know as a 'WIG' (wing in ground effect vessel) (They had them operating out of Cairns in the late 90's. They stalled at about 50 kts. A mate who was a a test master told me about when one he was trialling stalled and the belly flop shook him up a bit.) They were 8 and 14 pax sizes and target was PRT type seating numbers with a 4 hour trip Brisbane to Mackay and capable of operating in 3 meter seas and to compete with airline services. Never succeeded. This guys latest design evolution is a hybrid hovercraft / WIG. I'll leave the name to the designer / regulators so a novel craft at this stage. Cheers
  5. In GFA you pay a fee for every gliders annual inspection to fly ( Form 2); pay a fee one way or another. An example; maybe GFA could provide the form 2 at no cost and have a registration fee each year - the RAAus way. We still pay for the privilege. Cheers Mike
  6. Are you able and confident to set up a temporary feed to piggy back from the terminals on the rect/reg that supplies the aircraft's positive buss bar, go for a fly and repeat on another flight connecting to the rect/reg terminal that supplies to the battery pos terminal. Connecting the temp feed to a multi-meter so you can see if when the panel mounted voltmeter is doing its erratic thing that the regulator is giving a constant ideal voltage; say 13.6 etc. If reading is constantly good then you have a fault in the wiring, breakers etc.
  7. Hi Marty May be worth a look at 'AMC Mecanocaucho' product range. It's a site that I saved their pdf. Cheers Mike
  8. Looks a rushed assembly with counter sunk metal treads sitting proud where round heads would be the ideal fastening. I'd guess they didn't have any round heads available at the time. Look forward to hearing how the units go in service. Cheers Mike. Bye the way how did you get on with having 'Rodds Bay' included in your airfields name. (I see the CQGC airfield at Dixalea has (McMaster in brackets) and that's great to include the local name which is in Alan's honor.
  9. They are a nice aircraft, true to fly, respond to control inputs and suits me totally. If you see one around ask to go for a fly or if up this way sometime make contact and I'll fit in a fly around. In my opinion the SkyRanger models would make a good school aircraft; but as none are factory built they can not be used in training.
  10. There's a shed at Brandon near Ayr that has the tail section on the roof at 45 degrees and looks like it smashed into the roof. Don't an image but some one on the forum may post a image.
  11. Had nice autumn weather and clear skies for a fly to Midge Point and return mid morning today. Just had the annual carb balance done and now have 2 hours running time. All going good. Gave the Rotax 912 a good hard climb to get the oil temp up and all going great. Ready for the trip season now. Plan to make some door locks next; coping a system I saw at Donnington and few trips back.
  12. Nice weather after the rain passed mid morning.
  13. I agree, my opinion of the bolly prop pitch tool it that it is 'ordinary' as a precision pitch tool. I like thier props and have purchased a three blade set and they fly nice and I would purchase another set. In my opinion they need to revisit a tool for adjusting the pitch. The one I made suits me and the idea to add the laser pointer was a winner. (Thanks to forum member who told me about them) No hassles adjusting the pitch and getting the blades as close to even as I can. Results are better than ever in the past with other tools. I had the use of a loan bolly pitch tool. My comments about the bolly pitch tool are my experiences and I believe valid comments that some others would agree with. Cheers