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  1. You'll have to nick name him 'Robot'. Work is work, should be great full. Cheers and looking forward to this phase of you design build.
  2. It's a good feeling seeing it come together. Nice work.
  3. I use anti seize between the ball joiners of the metal muffler. rotax call for loctite anti seize. On my 912 ULS I have the stainless steel CKT pipes and muffler and use Kopper Kote anti seize (It is not a silicone sealant) between the stainless steel to stainless steel areas. It is applied every 100 hrs and just lubes for the movement of the exhaust in operation. I do not use anti seize between the pipes and the alloy cylinder heads. They are a clean dry fitup. I'd expect that for any marks at the heads seating area you would need to use a perfect shaped header pipe and lap the fit under advice from Rotax. You should not use a silicone paste there just get the faces mated perfect.
  4. 95 fuel leaves a yellow / very light brown stain. I mainly use Caltex and some times Shell. Cheers
  5. Enjoy the read; any change is like watching the sea level rise; it might speed up soon or never happen:) Cheers.
  6. Hi Yenn If you talking about setting the carb float brackets (will be part of the process your doing with the tab); the trick is to buy the tool for setting and measuring this gap with feeler gauges. Bert flood sells them about $30 and gets them set perfect every time. It tool screws on where the main jet goes. When finished you take it off and screw in the main jet. Disregard if not what your doing. Cheers Mike
  7. I think you need to buy bigger boxes of rivets 🙂
  8. Great news anyone got an image of the road house and the airstrip to post here? Cheers
  9. Looks great, well done and enjoy. Cheers.
  10. Have you opened up a motor, what do the windings look like, has it got brushes or brushless. Would service to comutator section work?
  11. Call in there before March, I'm sure someone will take you for a fly or two. Enjoy the training when you start. Cheers.
  12. Be of interest what Rotax and Bolly do.
  13. I get the no.1 and no.2 cleaner from Consolidated plastics in Hamilton Street. Off Harbour road where BP Moss is. I use the No. 1 product all the time after flights. When back yesterday for example cleaned screen with no 1 and then put on the cover. Bit of a glider thing cleaning the canopy before and after days flying. I recon that as well as cleaning it leaves a thin layer of protection to the screen surface. Cheers
  14. Todays flying turned out pretty good considering. First leg was 25 to 28 knots on the nose pretty much, little bumpy to Sarina then ok. Landed at Koumala and had a nice morning tea and catch up. Then over to Cape Palmerston onto the beach to show a mate where I plan to do a week long camping trip sometime next couple of months. At 1300 airbourne again and a nice trip back to Palmyra. Very Smokey and hazy trip back. Mackay ATIS wind 090 / 20 kts so a brush up on a 20 kts cross wind for 36. (Most cross wind for a while; usually get 12 to 15s. The Nynja is good in cross wind so a nice landing; No flap and 55 over the threshold and straighten up on touch down. Cheers.
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