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  2. Hey guys, so my kit is finally getting towards the pointy end and I am getting ready to ship the aircraft to Albion park airport to finish of the final touches such as putting the wings on ect. So I was wondering if anyone knew of anyone willing to rent some hangar space to me for a short period of time, I am hoping no more then 2 weeks but worst case scenario 4 weeks. More then happy to pay what ever the going rate these days. It's only a small 2 seat high wing aircraft. Thank you ! ☺
  3. Ah fantastic I'll check it out thanks mate !!
  4. A that sounds fantastic mate !, I'll be sure to give the school a ring tomorrow ! And hopefully organise some training ! Thank you !
  5. Thank You !, have you flown with these guys ?, do you know what they charge an hour because I can't seem to find a price list on the website
  6. Hi Guys I am looking for any recomendations for anyone who can train and give me a floating hull endorsement, whether it be RA-Aus or GA I am not bothered. Thank You :)
  7. Hi just wondering if anyone has decided to use the electric carby heat on the 912 ? if so what does it perform like ? Cheers !
  8. Thanks for your feed back, it's very much appreciated. Do you find the brakes to be sufficient to hold the aircraft on full power ?
  9. Hi Guys just wondering what your opinions are on the black max brakes, i am looking at purchasing the bx1320 kit for a seaplane, what would you think the sealing would be like on the bearings as I am concerned about seizing of the wheel due to corrosion from salt water. Also what is the holding force like for a rotax 912 100hp for full power engine runs Thank You your opinions are appreciated
  10. Hi mate, are you referring to the aero adventure Buccaneer seaplane ?
  11. Sorry for my ignorance but has the notam been removed about the restrictions of the main runway on the weekends?
  12. I did my ra-Aus at Jaspers brush near Nowra in a jabiru which they don't have anymore. Yeah the conversion at Gostner at Camden for a full ppl. They have a vh rego jabiru j-160 which is handy. For the ppl test you have to fly into class c airspace so it was a Nav down to Canberra, so it was a few hours once you go there and back. Hard to say mate about the cost as I haven't added it up full but at a guess well under 5000. But that's including a constant speed and retractable endorsement that I got in that price. Talk to David there very helpful and a very good instructor. Here is his number if you're interested 0414 788 105
  13. I can't recommend Gostner aviation out at Camden enough, I did my ra-Aus to ppl conversion there.
  14. Hey guys when submitting a flight notification form on the airservices website, what code do you use for aircraft type ? (ICAO code for jabiru J-160) ? Thanks Guys
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