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  1. driftamark

    Happy Fathers Day

    We have now wanted presence not presents and that has been working great for all.
  2. driftamark

    joining downwind early / late

    No wonder we lost so many 2s running at 100.1 ..I have always made mine at 400 mls to 20 lts . Mark
  3. driftamark

    Rotax Engine Courses

    Hi Kev I want to book in for the coarse at gympie asI will be up there and have both 582 and 912. Mark
  4. driftamark

    Drifter Heaven

    Hi is that Sun 27 or Sat 26 .I will be up there but not with my plane. Mark
  5. I have just gone through the likes and others to find out that I have given a lot more than I meant and some of those where inappropriate . reading on the phone and flicking the screen has given a lot those. I am sorry about the ones that were totally wrong and will try to watch what I do from now on....Mark
  6. driftamark

    ELT Beacons

    Hi all I have found that when you are involved in an out landing you are so busy flying and setting up to land that you do not find time to radlo or set of elt
  7. hi all..which 1 is the ford and which 1 is the holden??????
  8. driftamark

    R.A.A. Pilot certificate is it correct?

    Then even for me it what be to bad . Mark
  9. driftamark

    R.A.A. Pilot certificate is it correct?

    Hi I would be interested to know how many are like myself do not have adsl or nbn and are limited by wireless on good day I would like to know how big the file will be and how long to down load ....as I am not IT savvy. Mark.
  10. driftamark

    Drifter Pics

    Did my lp 2st and tw at MKT always warm
  11. driftamark

    Drifter Pics

    I resemble that remark
  12. driftamark

    Drifter Pics

    A limited garage but it had all that I needed. I google the towns so I was aware of what was where.
  13. driftamark

    Drifter Pics

    Had a couple of nights at Baradine because of rain but that was all.