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  1. Thanks guys great topic never to old or smart to learn new tricks !!
  2. Talk to Helmut at Foxcon - Home
  3. Don't forget there are at least 9 Rv's at YBUN !!! with some more under construction ... something about them, they are like a..holes everybody has one! LOL
  4. gwaf

    First flight

    Another RV in the south west congratulations well done might see you one day at YBUN or YSEN! Cheers Guido
  5. gwaf


    Yes I know of Jon and his RV4, it just happens to be that a mate of mine flies an RV6 with the rego: VH-SIX based in the south west YBSN
  6. Here is one for the people in the know.... I currently have my RPL with radio, navigation and tail-wheel endorsements, I also hold a class 2 medical and passed my PPL theory exam recently. My question is what do I need to do for a PPL license???
  7. gwaf


    For all you RV builders out there that are close to finishing !! I have seen the best call sign VH-VRV (Vans RV) available on the casa website. I have been looking for months for this but just registered my RV4 five months ago so no good to me ...you can reserve this if you are quick ...Good Luck
  8. gwaf


    Hi thanks for your interest, the painting was done by myself and a mate in a hanger here at YBUN the result is certainly not perfect but I wanted the "rugged military " look and like to see all rivets etc hence the markings of the 314 squadron of the Dutch Royal air force where I served for 8 years..... many moons ago.
  9. gwaf


    Hi the rego has been reserved by me and I will get the official paperwork (and money) done soon, I have a 3 blade Catto prop for her and are about to fit it. The engine is a superior Io 360 180 HP Yesterday we started the fairings have been putting that off but can't do any longer...I hate fibreglass .. flaps and ailerons all done but still a heap of "small jobs" to do. I don't want to say it but it might not be ready by Easter after making up a list yesterday of what still needs to be done. I won't do the test flying myself and are really lucky to have a very experienced RV pilot as a friend
  10. gwaf


    Got her outside today for the first time... She looks so close yet so far The last 10% takes 80% of the total time....next the prop ...and...and ... Maybe done by Easter ??? Yeh..Yeh I mean this year's Easter!!
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