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  1. I think it applies to all 'Jabiru Powered Aircraft' as CASA proposes that the owner has a responsibility to place placarding in the aircraft stating single person use etc - this will be 24, 19 and VH from my reading of the legislative draft.
  2. Blue line - would you mind if I called to discuss? I am embarking on the same project....... Cheers Mal
  3. Yes it is bad news for us Cessna owners in a way... end of 2016 we need to be "SIDS" compliant or the MR runs out. That being said I cannot see how the 7500 odd 100 series aircraft on the register here in Aus can be done in time be the 3000 odd LAMES in the country......... The expensive part is two fold - if you find corrosion you have to fix it. The other expensive part is all of the mods that you are required to do - tail stiffner, door stiffner, inertia reel on the pilot seat.... Bob - I would get a second opinion as the LAME I use has completed a 210 for just under $60k, a 206 for arou
  4. I have just finished discussing this with my LAME - I have an 83 172p going in for its annual in August. Under Schedule 5 maintenance these can be 'bumped' by the owner - having this noted in the airframe logbook. Having said that the LAME is under the obligation to maintain the aircraft to the best standard available - which happens to be the SIDS...... so it can be a case of finding a LAME who is sympathetic to a schedule. Now having said that the LAME has indicated that he (and many others) would be willing to do the SIDS over several years. The good news is the newer the plane the less
  5. Sad that the first post for a lost aviator - intimated he was at fault in some way for his untimely demise, which I offer sincere condolences for. I wonder if Cessna call to make the same intimations when one of 'their' birds go down? If there were such problems with the plane maybe the manufacturer of the kit could have phoned RA-AUS and cancelled or changed the rego on the aircraft like he has done to others without their knowledge (of which I have first hand experience) ........... considering the previous history of the manufacturer and their involvement in another well known aircraft i
  6. I have had the RPT boys take off and land around me when the MKY tower is closed. Found them to be gracious and accepting, some till you not to extend down wind so they can see what flying for fun looks like and others thankyou for extending down wind to help keep them on time............ extending down wind is fine by me as it means more flying time............... now if an RPT dropped in on me whilst I had my eyes closed trying to land - that would be a different matter! Safe flying and more importantly have fun.......
  7. For those interested.......... http://ancorloc.co.nz/products/duckbill-anchors/
  8. We have 40 and 60 foot dongas blow over mine hi walls..... unfortunately sometimes with miners in them. Anyway long story short they duck bill them into the groung with a 5/16" cable attached. Essentially a smaller version of a sand anchor which is hammered in at about 30 degree angle with an OZITO hammer drill and a 1.2m extension. It goes in with the fin straight and any movement the bill opens up and increases the grab size. All that is left out of the ground is the cable and if they come loose you have bigger problems then your plane blowing away! They are about 10 bucks each with ca
  9. As a professional safety person who holds a current drug testing qualification I might take this opportunity to provide some useful information: 1
  10. hey Mal, I spoke to you yesterday, ran out of time lastnight but will have a look at the optical fuel warning to night and get back to you. thanks, Dallas [email protected]
  11. Thanks for the thought Patrick but after breaking one the missus has placed a formal objection to me getting Nother one for a while - so lexan wrap it is.......
  12. Dash has been moved around to place ASI over the ALT, also have finished the interior so not long now till I can fly her. Prop goes on during the week and the canopy should be re-skinned this week also. Two weeks and I should get to do my first flight with all the mods....
  13. quote="Kyle Communications, post: 245265, member: 1910"]If you worked at it full time and had some experience I am sure it could be done in 7 weeks....mine took a year and a half but life got in the way too much and I built it at 2 different places...realistically doing it again and at the one place I would say 6 months and I would have it finished completely inc painting....even with life getting in the way....The painting nearly broke my enthusiasm though.... that took 4 months at least. I would do it differently next time. Hivis paint doesn't stop you from not being seen or others hearin
  14. How does it fly? Probably like all other Savannahs - very nicely! Awesome looking paint.
  15. G'day Mick welcome to the site - I have a morgan which I will be putting in the air very shortly. There quite a few guys on here that have been really helpful. Any questions feel free to ask. Mal
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