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  1. Mark11

    Compass swing

    I'm doing ground calibration in the middle of the field away from metal
  2. Mark11

    Compass swing

    You do know that GPS provides both I've done the theory - thanks
  3. Mark11

    Compass swing

    My gps provides both !! Hence why I was checking
  4. Mark11

    Compass swing

    My compass is out too and I bet nearly every silva compass is aswell Spent a lot of time observing its reading against the GPS whilst flying on the weekend as I'm about to start Cross country endorsement training. Found it varied from 15 degrees W to 15 degrees E depending on direction of travel. That means there is two directions where it is completely accurate. It's a sine curve error - which im told is normal I thought mine was just bad because I dropped it a couple of times - but because it's an equal error both ways I don't think so anymore Now I need to make a chart for the errors so I can correct for it...
  5. RIP Condolences to families and friends
  6. The mount bracket came with the compass. The clip ons I bought from The yacht shop lake Illawarra- Wollongong
  7. Mark11

    Aircraft without radios

    I find my radio indispensable. I feel safe with it. Listening to the radio calls helps me locate other aircraft on the ground and in the air. I always make radio calls to let others know where I am- and I'm sure that the parachute dropping turbo prop plane appreciates it!
  8. It's $200 bucks - so what - just get one!
  9. Mark11

    Raptor Headsets

    I don't know about radio electronics, but would agree. The raptor system works perfectly when you get the mic solved. This is without having a great helmet - ie the visor Perspex only just barely covers the mic. Performance wise, with my A22 icon I can listen to Sydney airport from Wollongong and hear every radio call crystal clear whilst doing 48knots in open trike.
  10. Mark11

    Raptor Headsets

    Thanks for the suggestion I'll tinker on the weekend and let you know what works best
  11. Mark11

    Raptor Headsets

    Good to hear that these flycom helmets are great... I plan to upgrade one day!
  12. Mark11

    Raptor Headsets

    I'd be interested in the adapter option so I can use a standard headset / plug. That would provide many more options.
  13. Mark11

    Raptor Headsets

    Robbo, Does that mean the mic gain can be somehow adjusted?
  14. Mark11

    Raptor Headsets

    I'll try duct tape to start with... And then contact then to see what they have.