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  1. ""The aircraft is a Beech twin-engine built in 1966 and has been registered to Richard Maclean of Burnside, South Australia, since 2006."" That's what it says
  2. maybe but Indonesia does manage to earn plenty of money itself. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Economy_of_Indonesia
  3. Two news photos on the link below show less than happy crew being frisked and questioned. http://tinyurl.com/l3x7b88
  4. Memorial service for the gyro pilot Mr Wilkinson - a good tribute and well covered by the local rag http://www.southcoastregister.com.au/story/2180599/ken-wilkinson-farewelled-by-hundreds/?cs=12
  5. ""The death has occurred of an overseas tourist whilst on a TIF. (If I were a coroner that would be raising a few question marks for a start) The school involved ADVERTISED "Scenic TIFs". (The plot thickens) A coroner WILL get involved. I'm willing to bet someone will get sued."" All good points - this double fatal gyrocopter accident is of interest outside of Australia - I understand the passenger was from Singapore - the Singapore embassy will have an eye on the progress of the investigation and any subsequent liability issues. CASA will be under some scrutin
  6. Do we have any official feedback from ATSB / CASA re the recent Kinglake VIC gyrocopter double fatal - pilot and passenger - scenic flight or TIF. Any resulting rule changes.
  7. The Illawarra rag has some mention of the ASRA team and a photo of them at work on site http://www.illawarramercury.com.au/story/2156470/weather-possible-factor-in-fatal-nowra-crash/?cs=300
  8. ""No more speculating needed as to the cause, onboard gopro with last 10 mins of flite, confirmed findings."" Sounds like its a done deal. Have you had the results of the other areas of the investigation - could these have some bearing on this gyro accident as well , for example - toxicology, autopsy, metallurgy, etc etc. The Coroner's report will bring these and other lines of thought into consideration too. Here is a link to a recent Coroners report ( PDF ) for a fatal gyrocoptr accident - 33 pages with input from CASA, ATSB, State Police, ASRA and Health n Safety - it's an int
  9. The gyro was designed by Advanced Kinetics. Their website has gone, out of business. The gyro appears to incorporate a trike hull. By using The Way Back Machine we can see website as it was http://web.archive.org/web/20130506123956/http://gyroz.com.au/ Facts can be hard to come by - how many were ever built, completed and registered ? I know of two ( G-511 and G-611 ) but have heard suggestions of maybe half a dozen or so. The Coroners report may cover some of this background.
  10. From the image published here, it would appear to be G-511 an Advanced Kinetics Gyroz. http://www.southcoastregister.com.au/story/2153065/video-man-killed-in-gyrocopter-crash/?cs=203#slide=1
  11. The Queensland Coroner published a report in December 2013 into a fatal gyrocopter ground accident that took place in March 2011. The report is comprehensive and well worth a read as it covers numerous safety issues. The report raises concerns relating to training, documentation, flight instruction, mustering operations and the relationship between CASA, ASRA, ATSB, local Police and Health and Safety officers and who was going to investigate this accident. A PDF of the Coroners report can be accessed via http://www.courts.qld.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0004/217795/cif-beresf
  12. Hi I *think* the gyro in question may have been a Auto-Gyro MT-03 G2347 - that's the type shown on the Yarra Valley Flightsports FB page https://www.facebook.com/YarraValleyFlightsports Auto-Gyro have delivered over 1050 examples of the MT-03/MTOsport series - ie it is not a homebuilt one off. Steve
  13. ""Any additional info................ We had a recent gyro incident here in the North ( not sure if RAA rego)....... From what I've heard the two seat Magni type with two on board (914) failed to maintain altitude in a mountainous area due to possible severe down air, and ended up in the trees, with the pilot breaking a leg. Required rescue by authorities. Machine written off, pilot experienced"" If registered it will be with ASRA, but some bypass this and operate unregistered. Gyro accident data only makes it into the public domain via news reports, these can be very brief and less t
  14. Hi Jim, Your comments were at the start of my post as this was the part of this thread I was replying to. You ask about shortcomings of this aircraft - the major one being it was not airworthy 3.3 There were no records that would indicate a test flight program had been properly performed or completed. As a consequence the gyrocopter could not be considered airworthy...................... An aircraft that could not be considered airworthy should remain on the ground, it is by definition not fit to fly. Few UFO's have been built but several have had fatal accidents. Rega
  15. ""The report doesn't attribute blame to the aircraft."" The report identifies shortcomings with the gyro, not airworthy, the licence of the PIC in terms of instructing, and failure to comply with CAA rules considered airworthy Here are the conclusions from the report 3. Conclusions 3.1 The possibility of any pre-existing airframe or engine defect that could have contributed to the accident was eliminated as far as practicable by the safety investigation. 3.2 The carriage of a container of sand in the nose of the aircraft invalidated the Flight Permit. 3.3 There we
  16. Hi Brent - Bentrotor, ""This report had some details that you should not have made public."" ASRA published that report on their forum, in a public part of their forum. ASRA uploaded it and ASRA published it. A Google search for "Kruza" found it. I provided a link to this ASRA published report - that's it. I've since been told that it was published in public in error by ASRA - you may wish to ask ASRA how this error came about. You will notice I request summary reports. The key question is why summary report are not placed into the public domain - why not do so - your col
  17. Russ - excellent - all they have to do is "cut n paste" a brief summary ( ie I'm not suggesting publishing a multi page doc - a synopsis - facts and conclusion would be fine ) and post it on the public side of the ASRA forum - it is really not a hard task at all. There is no reason it can't be done. If they could do that say twice a year ( ie covering the previous six months ) then anybody in Australia, anybody interested in aviation, anybody considering getting into gyros or anybody anywhere in a gyro community around the World could read that data. At the moment it's Member only - ie
  18. Hi New Zealand coroners court sitting today into the 2009 fatal crash of gyrocopter UFO Helithruster ZK-RAZ A NZCAA spokesman said ".....inherent instability in the aircraft". more here on todays news link below http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10894778 You can read the official NZCAA report here ( published earlier ) http://www.caa.govt.nz/safety_info/fatal_accident_reports.htm Not the most successful gyro type. Regards Steve
  19. Hi Report, investigate, publish, read and learn Here are over 200 R44 incidents / accidents for pilots to consider from the UK alone - multiple that by Global. http://tinyurl.com/nnn2qc3 Steve
  20. ""......let's wait for the facts."" Russ I suspect it will be a very very long wait as ASRA have published no incident / accident summary data in the public domain since taking over this aspect from ATSB in 96/97. Brief news reports and forum dialogue is about as good as it gets. A recent gyro incident summary can be found here http://www.aaib.gov.uk/publications/bulletins/april_2013.cfm For Raaus fans a number of recent light /sport / UL / micro incident reports can be found here ( Shadow, CT2, Quik, Jabiru etc ) http://www.aaib.gov.uk/publications/bulletins/may_2013.cfm
  21. Hi Russ ""Regrettably there were 2 gyro mishaps within the space of a week or 2, i'm positively sure the FNQ was indeed unlicenced/unreg/untrained, my grapevine source appears to have mistaken that for the incident we are talking about here. Hope this helps clear matters............russ"" Can you add any more brief details of the two incidents you refer too? I'm aware of the following but maybe you know of another 28th June near Dakenba - the incident at the start of this thread - gyro type unknown 16th June at Gunnedah, NSW - Xenon emergency landing during take off - media r
  22. Hi Rick_P Thanks for the update about the pilot, good to hear he is making progress. Interesting to hear about the licence, training and registration - this is at odds with what Graeme the ASRA Board Member suggested in his earlier post ""Just out of curiosity, would RAA be required to investigate and report on an ultralight accident if the pilot did not have a licence (therefor not a member of RAA) and the ultralight was unregister and the idiot did not kill himself or injure another person? Graeme."" A factual summary report would be good. Regards Steve http://gyrocop
  23. Hi Maj ATSB do publish reports into accidents/incidents with helicopters - for example two such reports are listed on the recent link below http://www.atsb.gov.au/publications/2013/ab-2013-088.aspx ATSB ceased publishing gyrocopter accident reports in 1997 ( pre 1997 reports can still be found on ATSB ) when CASA passed responsibility for gyros to ASRA - in the intervening 17 years ASRA has not put any such summary reports into the public domain - that's a information black out for sure - worrying. Regards Steve
  24. ""so i'm told ( grapevine )..............ASRA folks will be onto it as should be. Any incidences involving gyros they take reeel serious. A number of gyro incidences over the yrs are from unlicensed / unreg / untrained pilots.............this scinareo has to stop."" I wish the pilot a speedy recovery. Unfortunately ASRA do not publish any summary of accidents in the public domain, no accident stats / trends/ cuases are public, it's a data void. My own listing is here http://gyrocopteraccidentsinaustralia.blogspot.co.uk/ Regards Steve
  25. Hi I can point you to two Coroners Reports - both from 2004 ( almost 10 years ago ) - both relate to fatal gyrocopter accidents in Australia. One deals with a hub bar failure - this accident led to a significant ATSB report into hub bar failures. The second deals with a fatal accident of a brand new gyro being flown home by the customer. Both reports contain some strong comments about CASA and ASRA. Use the link below and scroll down to 2004 to finds links to the two coroner reports. http://gyrocopteraccidentsinaustralia.blogspot.co.uk/ If you know of any other published
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