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  1. Anyone who sells NGK spark can order off the catalogue. I just got a set of iridium plugs for an FZ-1 from Motor Spares for about half the quoted price of the motorcycle Stealership. You might need to wait three or five days for them to turn up, is all. Also the B8ES and BR8ES are a very common motorcycle plug
  2. They have existed for years. Mostly the same jack in the box design as used for ultralights like the Moyes Dragonfly. Yes there are zero-zero drone chutes too but they are quite expensive
  3. I agree to the first point. As to the second point, I submit that anyone with a CPL and a current instrument rating is probably already flying on someone else's coin. That is to say they already have a job flying IFR (or teaching students to do same) and are not available for Community Service Flights, as a qualification to "not having enough instrument rated pilots". I think I will throw my money in the same direction as Bruce Tuncks. Further I feel this may be a very good opportunity for Air Services Australia to waive fees for anyone doing instrument initial or currency training in support of Angel Flight (or any CSF) ... to help dilute the current stink over Air Services way. (Lemons into lemonade!)
  4. Given the roll rate I think the A380 would need to start so high up nobody on the ground would be able to see it
  5. There goes one of those questions now...
  6. Ahh! I was reminded of the opening lyrics of the title track of th album "Destroy rock and roll" by Mylo. Definitely a religious tone in there
  7. mnewbery


    https://www.avweb.com/flight-safety/accidents-ntsb/accident-probe-twin-training/ No I don't know how many "a lot" is. Nobody pretend that they do, please
  8. You might want to have a look at the history of failed attempts at gasoline direct injection in aero engines
  9. https://www.avweb.com/videos/Video-Rotax-Throws-a-Birthday-Party-222136-1.html That was 2014!
  10. I recognise that vertical tail...
  11. mnewbery


    I'm going gliding this weekend ... If it doesn't snow. If it does snow, I'm going to the pub so I can enjoy the view from there instead
  12. mnewbery


    Wait till @Manwell sees the thread on ASICs
  13. see post #28. The regulation applicable to RA-Aus AND SAAA is CAR262AP Part (5). Yes RA-Aus has its own form as does SAAA
  14. mnewbery


    I know what you are doing. I am putting you on my ignore list
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