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  1. Yes but not because of Lightning. The low radar observable paint/coating doesn't do well in rain and needs to be touched up IMO. AFAIK the coating is common or very similar between the F-22 and F-35. One imagines it doesn't like being blasted by rain at 300m/s
  2. http://www.hunterflyers.com.au/weather-cam.html ...know before you go
  3. JM I think you made my point for me. The dwelling resale value increase because a nice green field that somebody else is paying for appears next door ... has nothing to do with the fields usefulness during times of disaster. People should think that way but don't. The east coast latte sucking set, of which I am a member, don't think that way. They just see rich old men with too much time drowning worms from a tin dinghy. You can guess which ones are on the council. Hint: its not the boat ramp users
  4. Nobody is flying over the neighbours heads to get to the sports fields so having it next door is quite ok?
  5. Concept aviation would most probably had included one with other goods if you asked
  6. Item 5. I’d Really rather you didn't challenge the bigoted, misogynist, hateful ideas of others on an empty stomach. Eat, then go after the bullshit.

  7. ...and I really don't need another hobby
  8. I had a long hard look at this recently. There are some PPC instructors working between Canberra and Goulburn. I can't personally recommend any of them but I'd have no hesitation in taking the time to visit with all of them. Accomodation will always be the sticking point while training. Weather comes a close second but a lot of the theory just needs somewhere quiet out of the wind
  9. Not too far from Canberra. By road for me, this time
  10. Might be time to read the novel Stark by Ben Elton again
  11. There is pretty much nothing open to the public, east of Braidwood (disused) or south of Jervis Bay until you get to Moruya ... unless you have something that can land on water or a helicopter. As a regular visitor to that part of the coast I find the lack of aviation noise quite noticeable. I've only seen aircraft flying between Woollongong and Canberra or Wollongong and Moruya. In between Burrier and the Shoalhaven river you might find Yalwal which is west of Nowra and not really on the coast. There is what appears to be a cleared field 800 x 150 metres angled at about Magnetic north at Woollamia Rd Woollamia and inside the Nowra control zone. Also near there is the Woollamia Visual reporting point WOI. For me the biggest issue wouldn't be finding somewhere to land, more like how to get into the nearest town. I will speak to the NSW Parks people when I am there again at Easter. What are you planning to fly and land?
  12. I am of the opinion something like the Cassut racer or Sonerai was/is never going to stall at 36 knots without flaps. I think the BD-5 J never had flaps only retractable undercarriage (could be wrong there). Unfortunately, single seat piston engine designs typically give up a lot to go faster and give up a lot of speed to stall slower. Stall speed also implies runway takeoff / landing distance required. There is no point in going fast if you need a mile of runway to get stopped and don't have it.