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  1. mnewbery

    Where to now?

    I would definitely look at cross country (xc) endorsement. Given the sport cub is an 85-ish KTAS machine and the cross country flights will probably only have 90 minute legs you won't get far. There is plenty of time to look out at the ground and try to figure out what you are flying over. The paper based navigation and logging can be a bit tedious but its important to understand what the EFB is doing before trusting it. Once that's done maybe land at a fly-in. Alternatively take an instructor or someone with an xc endorsment with you for a longer scenic flight any old time
  2. mnewbery


    agreed... It is not the spoon that bends
  3. mnewbery


    Landing to minimums in crappy weather is what simulators are for
  4. mnewbery


    @fly_tornado you missed the post from thewest.com.au about how their airports missed out. Bit biased to not post the text of those stories IN FULL as well instead of just the links or nothing at all. Isn't it? TBH if I was them I'd be blubbering in to my beer too but there can be only so manny winners :stirrer:
  5. mnewbery


    news flash: @fly_tornado predicts training academy will use Cessna Skyhawks as primary trainers. I predict @fly_tornado will make many more predictions about Wellcamp and the academy and like his other predictions, these will be wrong too. If I had to have an opinion I would say that these academy pilots will go straight to multi crew pilots licence MPL and never ever fly alone in a real aircraft unless it's on their own coin
  6. mnewbery

    RAA against freedom in medicals

    The Last Minute Hitch: 14 September 2018 - Australian Flying
  7. mnewbery


    Another conspiracy theory (humble personal opinion) Has anyone ever seen @fly_tornado and Alan Jones in the same room? :stirrer:
  8. mnewbery


    @fly_tornado my GP has advised me that that I should avoid reading anything by nuts. In an unrelated move I have ignored your posts with good reason; I have a life. I am not an immigration lawyer and neither are you @fly_tornado. It's obvious so stop prentending. For an employer to sponsor a skilled visa it takes over $4,000 and over 12 months (up to 19 months) from application submission to the first working day. Plus the skill needs to be on the [B]TSS[/B] list (ironically) and a bunch of other limitations and the visa is for [B]permanent[/B] residency. This isn't the change its been that way since early 2017. Which airline has done this? I want an answer. I wrote the list has changed. You want to bad mouth me, fine but get your facts straight. QANTAS and Rex both know they can train first officers in around 9 months. One of my old instructors started at Rex Australian Airline Pilot Academy last week. He said "classes are full". Muppets should draw their own conclusions. On the subject of claiming that Justice Flanagan's decision was politically influenced, @fly_tornado take what you know to the Crime and Corruption Commission. Alternatively admit to yourself you are full of ill informed politically motivated spite and move on. I know the rest of the forum has. QANTAS was due to announce TWO new training academies about now. A quick check hasn't turned anything up today which means Wellcamp is still in the running. It would be a sweet irony for Wellcamp to be selected. In my opinion this would show clearly that Alan Joyce doesn't hold much stock in the opinions of Alan Jones when it comes to horse farms
  9. mnewbery


    Eh, @M61A1 are we talking about the broadcaster know as "Le Perroquet" or forum users? :buddies: I think both.
  10. mnewbery


    I vaguely remember some half baked conspiracy theory about QANTAS trying to use a pilot shortage as an excuse to hire international pilots to fly domestically on skilled migrant visas. I think it was in a thread titled “Bloody Jetstar”. The conspiracy seems to have worked so well that last month Immigration removed pilots from the list of needed skills. This has left a few commercial balloon operators in a bind because they can’t train enough people to do the work during festivals (Leeton, Canberra, Hunter Valley, Canowindra etc) and the list just said “pilots”. I think the comment was posted by @abraindeadlemming but I don’t hear from that forum user anymore
  11. mnewbery


    Jones Wagner Family Justice Flanagan Me Wagner Family Jones
  12. mnewbery

    Top Letters And Comments, August 31, 2018

    @fly_tornado how do the statements in this article compare with your assertion that the FAA have [I]abandoned [/I]PAFI testing? [URL='https://www.avweb.com/avwebflash/news/PAFI-to-Resume-Testing-Unleaded-Avgas-231495-1.html']PAFI To Resume Testing Unleaded Avgas - AVweb flash Article[/URL]
  13. mnewbery

    What fly ins are in qld next year?

    Pretty sure the Clifton Fly in is planned to go ahead in March as usual
  14. mnewbery

    New to the Forum

    Ask @fly_tornado about his BMW modification. It should have a few hundred hours on it by now
  15. mnewbery


    Same Luffy from the car forums?