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  1. Either way, here 'tis http://www.avdata.com.au/airport-charge-rates
  2. The recording is automated by AvData, based on your radio calls. If you keep yelling "type call sign, going around" and land anyway ... Well the cat would truly be among the pigeons then
  3. Taking yourself between sealed strips and taking your family between farm strips would be two different missions. From this there would be different planes that would make sense for each mission. A good fixed undercarriage hauler might be the Cherokee 235 or Cherokee Six but I'm guessing it would need to be imported as there aren't too many around. Plus they love a drink so much you can feel the suction around your wallet on climb out. Speed comes with money, altitude and/or a retractable undercarriage. Fixed undercarriage and low operating costs gives the opposite of speed. How much is your time worth?
  4. mnewbery


  5. https://www.avweb.com/aviation-news/airspeeder-racing-coming-in-2020/ should be be interesting to see how people react to the prototype
  6. Post deleted as statement was factually incorrect
  7. @fly_tornado, your point has merit. See below: [URL unfurl="true"]https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/the-new-iron-curtain-russian-missile-defense-challenges-us-air-power/ar-BBSDkjR[/URL] The russian S-400 missile system is deployed in and near Syria and according to the article above, NATO coalition missions appear to have been called off after the anti-aircraft system was detected as emitting. It is important to remember the lessons of the [URL='https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wild_Weasel']Wild Weasel[/URL] combat missions. Airborne and anti-aircraft signal processing power has increased since then. This doesn't take into account the ability to sense a signal from one platform (EF-18) and send it for further processing (E-7 or on the ground). Its my opinion that every time the S-400 is turned on its another opportunity to gather information about its electronic signal and that of the upcoming S-500. One might speculate that is exactly what one or more missions set out to achieve, rather than a kinetic attack. Its important to remember that the F-35 never, ever flies alone.
  8. Initial reports suggest it wasn't an air to ground missile, implying it was launched from another country rather than an aircraft overhead
  9. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2019/06/24/britains-new-f35-stealth-jets-used-operations-first-time/
  10. I believe the country airstrip guide can be purchased as part of a subscription to a well-known Electronic Flight Bag
  11. Original thread: http://www.recreationalflying.com/threads/ppl-traing-videos.66770/#post-476514 Link to book store: https://aviationtheory.net.au/digital-store/ I was looking at some stuff on my bookshelf and decided my Aviation Law book from 2009 was probably dangerously out-of-date and needed to be chucked. While looking for replacements I discovered that Aviation Theory Centre has had e-book versions of most of its titles for at least a couple of years. I originally contacted the authors some years ago and asked for this feature. I downloaded Visual Flight Guide 2019 and the 17th edition of flight Rules and Air Law into the e-book reader. At the same time my copy of the VFRG version 6 arrived in the mail. I am expecting all three books to contain more or less the same information but with slightly different emphasis. I am using an iPad 3 as my reading device which probably isn't ideal because it's dead slow. I have much better platforms in the house but this is the one I am most likely to take on trips where I need the books to be available offline The VFRG is available online but there is no electronic version other than that and no plan to have one. It's quite heavy too. Pros: I like ATC titles for their easy to read language and minimal re-quoting of the regulations, but they are referenced as required I can leave the reader open on a page and pop the iPad on charge. If I leave a book out opened to a page and it's not a cookbook I usually get yelled at I can sign up for addenda and have them send to my device No postage, no waiting, no heavy books to carry I can search, share, bookmark and add pencil notes in the application I could also send images of the page with notes on it I guess Content can also be viewed as HTML online anywhere Cons: The e-reader is proprietary which I don't mind too much but it quite slow on the iPad3. I might try a more modern tablet but it's not an issue for me because I read sloooow Only one e-reader can be registered The electronic versions aren't particularly cheap at 2/3 of the paper book price before postage I'm happy with my purchase so far even if it took a few years for the format to be available
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