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  1. I haven't the time to read through all posts to see if this subject has been broadcast earlier. If it has I apologize for wasting everyone's time. Received the statement below as part of a newsletter put out by the Women's Pilots Association. If there is any truth to it we will all be able to fly around in aircraft up to 1500 kgs... or am I missing something? I also read into it that CASA are going to make changes to our current licensing regulations... or once again have I missed something? "I’ve been busy working on the General Aviation Task Force and we have been conducting some industry visits. Recently we were in Sydney, visiting operators at Bankstown and Camden to discuss the matters being considered by the Task Force and seek feedback. It is anticipated that the Driver’s Licence Medical option for some private operations will be out soon, it may be as soon as late February 2012. Pilots with an unconditional driver’s licence can visit their GP every two years (up to 65), and every year from 65, for a driver’s licence medical. They can then log onto the CASA site to register. Pilots flying on this medical will be able to fly single engine piston aircraft up to 1500kg (4 seaters), day VFR, with one passenger, and a restriction on aerobatics. Some restrictions (such as aerobatics and the limit of one passenger) will be removed if an appropriately qualified pilot who holds a Class 2 or higher medical occupies a control seat. The proposal is in keeping with the medical requirements for the Recreational Pilot Licence which will be implemented with Part 61 (licensing), most likely towards the end of 2013."
  2. Maybe without the "Piper" branding the price will drop to something a little more reasonable. Guess it will be the same aircraft but without the big brand name.
  3. Wouldn't call CASA as it is not their responsibility to keep airports open and/or report defects... I'd be calling the operator - that should be the local Council. Or phone AWIS on 07 4155 1858 and it might contain relevant info. The river is a long way from the airfield however... good luck.
  4. Why carry just Water? We carry 4 large cans of tinned fruit... like peaches, pears etc as well as a smaller quantity of water (4 ltrs?). Fruit gives you energy and the liquid they are in also gives energy and helps with re-hydration. For what it is worth. Wags.
  5. Has anybody any info on a rumoured fly in at Theodore in Qld on the 1st weekend in December?
  6. South Grafton Fly In. Just returned from a great weekend fly in at South Grafton. Extremely hospitable folks run the Aero Club there and have 3 or 4 bunks in the flight hut plus shower and toilet. Contact John Gould There was a 10 seater bus running all weekend to take interested folks into town for a tour of the Jacaranda lined streets. On Saturday night there was a B-B-Q, cold beer and wine and on Sunday morning a "big" breakfast to get you home on. Can thoroughly recommend putting it in your diaries for the same weekend next year - it's the first weekend of the "Jacaranda Festival". Plenty of room to camp, fuel available by prior arrangement and it is only a very short walk to pubs and restaurants if that is your fancy. When departing, a short flight up the Clarence River to Palmer's Island airstrip is a great scenic. Top marks to the organizers at Grafton Aero Club!
  7. Gympie Council rates for hangar space At Gympie we are going through a review process for rental with the Gympie Council who own the airfield, the Council having been given the airstrip by the Federal Government around 1992. Rental averaged $8 per sq mtr until recently when Council advise rate hikes of up to 300%, but the average increase was more in the vicinity of 100%. Council had an independent valuer do an evaluation, but he used places like Hervey Bay, Caloundra, Maroochydore etc. All the airfields he used have significant facilities such as PAL etc whereas Gympie is a quiet recreational based airstrip. Hangar owners believe the evaluation should be based on more representative less developed airstrips like Kilcoy, Biggenden, Monto etc. However it looks like the rent is heading to an amount of around $13 per sq mtr per year... or about $2600 for a 12 X 15 mtr hangar. Some hangar owners rent spare space at around $50 per week per aircraft... it helps cover rent, insurance etc but it doesn't make a profit for the hangar owner! Council believes we all make a motza from renting spare space. Most hangar owners only want to encourage more recreational aviators into the airstrip. Guess all these increases are a sign of the times.
  8. This could help your problem Received this diagram the other day... I must stress it is not an official document but it appears to offer a satisfactory solution to the 45 deg downwind join procedure that CASA indicate in their diagram. It clears up the dilemma by indicating that you should overfly if approaching at 45 deg anywhere along downwind. If joining at 45 deg at the beginning of downwind then it is a "normal" downwind join procedure. OPERATIONS IN VICINITY OF AERODROMES.pdf OPERATIONS IN VICINITY OF AERODROMES.pdf
  9. Getting old! Wait until you get to my age Tommo... you read things and immediately forget that you read it or even where you read it! Then to make matters worse you make a post only to receive 100 replies saying where it originally was and you got the content wrong.
  10. Having received numerous enquiries re “Collapsible Fuel Bladders” I though I would post these two links… www.liquidcontainment.com.au, water bladders, petrol bladder, diesel bladder, tank liner, slim line water tanks Bush Plane Long Range Fuel Bladder - Turtlepac One is three times the price of the other… I know the expensive one is certified for carrying fuel in an aircraft in-flight, not sure about the cheaper one being certified. It may affect your insurance if you have an accident with an un-certified one onboard.
  11. Not blonde either....! Merv... trouble is I can't claim being blonde or related to Barnaby Joyce either! Wags.
  12. A definitive answer. Slarti has it right. Just get a PPL with suitable CTA endorsement and you can go where you want, when you want... no ifs, buts or conditions apply as long as you have a radio, transponder and approved engine.
  13. Sunshine Coast Aero Club has obtained OK. Understand after making an application to CASA the Sunshine Coast Aero Club has received approval to operate RAAus training out of what used to be called "Maroochydore Airport". Haven't any details on what the restrictions (if any) are however, but a quick phone call will answer any queries. As of 3rd June this airport is having an "expensive" name change and becoming Class D airspace (it was Class C) - to be known henceforth as "Sunshine Coast Airport". Those of us that use the area are therefore forced to buy new ERSA's, VTC's etc etc etc etc to remain legal. Imagine what printing of all the new charts has cost Airservices Australia following the name change - both in time editing and then in printing costs! Someone probably received a promotion after making the suggestion! Bureaucracy sucks.
  14. Video testament to landing gear designers. For those who want to fly to London City Airport, a cross wind adds to the excitement (in addition to the short runway and steep approach). The airport itself is located on the River Thames in downtown London, and gives business people very quick access to the city. The Millennium Dome is in the left side of the picture." "The runway is only 1199 meters long, which is very short in airline runway terms, thus it is only suitable for aircraft with good STOL (short take-off and landing) performance. It also has a 5.5 degree glide slope, as opposed to the conventional 3 degree slope to most runways. The BAE 146 is the main jet type to operate into the place. Most other aircraft are turbo props etc." "When doing the approach you have to be fully configured, i.e., gear down, full flaps and speed brakes before you commence descent from 3000 feet...or you won't get stopped before reaching the far end of the runway. If it doesn't look or feel right it is generally a good idea to give it away and have another attempt. For whatever reason, this flight crew decided to press, but they DID make the first turn off the runway. If nothing else, it's a testament to the toughness of the BAE 146 airframe. The pilots handled it like a dirtbike!" Enjoy... and I apologize if it has been posted before.
  15. Mandatory Transponders? Ian, Can you explain how you see Transponders becoming mandatory after reading the article you posted a link to? I fail to see the connection other than research is being conducted to allow UAV's to operate and avoid automatically. Nowhere in the article does it mention Transponders being used. Maybe I'm missing something.
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