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  1. It looks like this old 150 is worth nothing more than scrap then sadly!
  2. Thanks. A mate had Piper Colt which he registered with RAA. They are only slightly lighter than the 150 and weight can be reduced further to a degree. Definitely viable as a solo machine. Would SIDS apply to an old 150 on the RAA register?
  3. I'm aware of some lightweight GA models being registered with RAA such as Piper Colts. Would there be any interest in a Cesna 150 for this? Their empty weight is around 450kg.
  4. Lots of good points in the above posts. I regularly operate a motor glider out of the Sydney Basin and over the Blue Mountains and often mention to people that after having flown all over the country, this area is one of the most rugged. Taking safety height just after departing and maintaining same during cruise/climb towards the upper limit of the step is standard. 26:1 opens up the landing options over GA glide performance and so I'm always amazed while at around 7000' to look down too often to see a GA pilot just hundreds of feet above the tree tops. One consideration worth expanding
  5. Yes Ads touring motor gliders are the way to go. Ergonomically comfortable, economical to run, very pleasant to fly, good cruising speeds of 90-100kn and a great viewing platform. Then the bonus of being able to soar when conditions are suitable or when they aren't to be able to shut down at cruise height and glide much of the final leg. Some TMGs don't soar anywhere near as well as others though.
  6. We've operated Limbachs for neatly 20 years. They are the certified versions of aviation developed flat four air cooled direct drive VW engines with either 1000 or 1400 hrs TBO. Ours are older versions of lower output 80hp (yes same as those used by the blimp that operated around Oz) and 94hp. Under stressed, economical, relatively light, very reliable with regular maintenance. Continuous operating range of 2300-3000rpnFor a home builder, VW parts are often interchangeable, cheap, widely available and there are a host of racing enthusiasts who offer specialised parts and advice on souping up p
  7. Thanks again for the suggestions. Has me thinking about going for a cheaper smart phone with 6" display and XCSoar.
  8. Thanks Guys, The Aera is a bit of an overkill for our needs Ross. Yes we run XCSoar on the Nexus too Bill which is very handy. Really liked the simple and clear display of the old 315 and was mainly looking for something quite similar again. Laurie
  9. Hi All, We run a Nexus 7 with OzRwys as main nav tool. Next to that we have an old Magellan 315 which as a backup was excellent as the screen display was simple and easy to see. Sadly the 315 has lost most of its aviation database and I'm advised by the expert that its no longer recoverable. Can anyone suggest a used replacement with aviation database?
  10. Hello Admin, Any more word on Fly Safe? Laurie
  11. I finished Alex Henshaw's Book 'Sigh For A Merlin' yesterday. He was a production test pilot primarily on Spitfires over 6 and a half years from the first mark to his last Spitfire flight in a Mark 22 in Jan of 1946 . He also tested many Lancasters and wrote fascinatingly about how nice they were to roll during his testing of them and with minimal loading. He enjoyed raising the backside of his co-pilot no more than half an inch off of his seat during the roll.
  12. Many thanks Wayne, Its a great training reference. However it may be that its just because I am an IT reluctant but I cant seem to find the actual tutorial among all of the files at that location. Laurie
  13. Hi All, I was just wondering if John Brandon's excellent Fly Safe Tutorial is still available? Laurie
  14. Just to add a little more to the useful info in this thread.... Re older servos - Also avoid older servos in lower lying areas in country towns and urban areas that may be exposed to flooding, even rarely. You can guess where some of the flood water find its way to and remains. Re fuel quality - Several of us use blends of Avgas and 98ULP. After extensive investigation we discovered that the only ULP with a specified shelf life in its MSDS is BP. (12 months). This has proven the case in practice with the higher volatile and less stable fuels (the ones the discounters turn over quickly) r
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