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  1. Probably true at one time, in relation to annual sales, but I'd be surprised if even their most popular model (MX probably) came close in total production.
  2. Thanks Willie, there are a couple there that I would not have come close to guessing eg FW-190 coming within 300 of all marks of Spitfire. As for the Mig-15 and the DC-3, wow.
  3. Looks like a crocodile and whilst I'm no aerodynamicist, those intakes are going to be a joy to get working in a high alpha situation, something all the other modern jets excel at. Smoke and mirrors I say.
  4. Mods perhaps the article could be moved to the correct thread, it is well worth discussing - I'd give the link if I could find it! Good piece about a difficult issue. I was involved in something similar before I even started flying - was invited along for a Sunday morning jolly by a friend, along with 2 other relatively husky young blokes as it turned out. The appointed steed was a Cherokee 140 with what turned out to be 3/4+ tanks of fuel. I knew no better and was quite prepared to climb aboard when another, much more experienced friend drifted down from the clubhouse and had a few quiet words with the pilot. Things got a bit heated with the pilot apparently not wanting to back down. 2nd friend bluntly advised us would be passengers that the aircraft was in his opinion, overweight and he did not advise that we took off. In retrospect a pretty courageous move and one that I hope I would have the guts to emulate, because it caused a great deal of ill feeling between the two of them. I backed out of the flight, which similarly didn't go down well, but was consoled when an identical aircraft went down in a backyard about 6 months later, carrying a similar load and having failed to gain altitude after take off. All survived, but the pilot's wallet took a beating when insurers did the weight and balance calcs and walked away from the claim.
  5. mnewbery, are you sure you have posted this in the correct thread? I suspect you intended it to refer to the accident where a trike departed at or shortly before dark and subsequently crashed killing pilot and passenger?
  6. I didn't grow up in Aus, but sounds as though some things were pretty similar; - Milk delivered in glass bottles - we would put the empty ones out with the correct change inside to pay for the day's delivery. Later on we got the modern innovation of plastic tokens AND orange juice in similar bottles. - Going to the drive in, in Dad's new Ford Fairmont (XY Falcon in Aus), or Valiant with manual column shift and front bench seat. - Scalextric set up on the lounge room floor on Sunday nights - Only the corner cafe opened on a Sunday, no shops, no movie theatres. - Listening to the radio or reading of an evening - no TV until I was a teenager - Going to the coast on holiday, towing the caravan, kids riding in the back of the Chev El Camino (Holden ute) - 8mm movie camera, clockwork powered, waiting weeks for the processed film to be returned. - Waiting to finish the film so that you could see your holiday slides. - Smoking in a movie theatre / aircraft - Kero fridge and having to go out to start (and stop) the generator at night. - Going to boarding school and only communicating home by letter, written with a fountain pen. (There were only 5 telephone lines for 450 boys and 100 odd staff, all running through a manual exchange ie you physically connected the call via a large plug. Telephone calls were thus for emergencies or urgent matters only) - Pocket knives, carried by just about every male beyond the age of 8 or so. Ok, some things I don't miss, but we do seem to have lost a lot too in our striving for individual rights, cocooning kids and ever growing collection of gadgetry.
  7. Mate from overseas sent me these and a brief explanation. You know you're having a bad day when you have issues - for apparently unrelated reasons, on both engines in a twin! "According to the pilot the aircraft came out of maint. yesterday After taking off Runway 17, the pilot noticed a drop in the left engine's oil pressure and an increase in the oil temperature. While trying to conserve the left engine, he noticed that the right engine was on fire. The pilot then decided to return to the field, but had to land her before reaching the runway due to the rapidly spreading fire." I believe the aircraft had been a bit of a hangar queen for several years due to an owner doing a runner, but had recently had quite a bit of cash spent to bring her up to scratch. Pilot bailed as soon as she stopped on the ground but on board fire extinguisher was not sufficient. [ATTACH]18285._xfImport[/ATTACH]
  8. Ah, knew I had a pic somewhere, taken back when the PC7Mk11's (Astra) were new.
  9. I was sent the attached link via email; apparently the South African Airforce are having another of their toy sales, this time for the remainder of their C185's and a dozen PC7's. There are probably any number of practical and financial obstacles to actually getting one on the Aus register, but I'll have one of each thanks! http://www.engineeringnews.co.za/article/former-saaf-aircraft-and-other-equipment-on-sale-at-air-show-2012-09-19 Image is of the Silver Falcons formation team - standard PC7s are white upper, red lower half of fueselage, red tail and wing tips
  10. Bear in mind that Matekane is also at around 8,000' amsl, enough to make any non turbo aircraft feel a wee bit lethargic:eek:
  11. Yeah cfi, pray tell....? Only one I ever heard of, turned out to be a mock up put together by some over enthusiastic outback mechanic - I have a photo somewhere in my archives, will see if I can find it. From memory the story was thrashed out on the prune quite some time ago.
  12. Another one courtesy of my email buddies, link to an interesting collection of wartime photos;
  13. Spin

    A Short War

    Cheers Dexter, I'd forgotten about the website, will go have a look.
  14. Spin

    A Short War

    Have to agree on the padding comment, but overall enjoyed seeing it from a slightly different perspective. That Hudson(?) footage was horrifying, geez it went in hard - more or less an instant conversion into shrapnel. Unfortunately I missed the original program Dexter wrote about, I really must get into the habit of checking the schedule at the beginning of the week and highlighting the good bits - I've been saved from disappointment more than once by warnings on here of forthcoming attractions.
  15. http://www.avcom.co.za/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=93734&start=75 Link I was sent of photos of a recent airshow in SA, including some good ones of the remaining Thunder City Buccaneer.
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