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  1. so, you have the ''curved'' 2'' round chromoly gear legs like this one no parts fdor sure,,but maybe the drawings are available .. stanby
  2. a blue & white Bravo in Parakai,! ,,,,,think I've flown that ..cheers
  3. just happen to have a ''new comer'' on my field.. one of the first ''Le Pelican'' ,,, ( 1984 ) few years later, they started with the composite fuselage and aluminum/foam wing ( pelican club) and in 1991, with the PL ( aluminum wings ) and 10 years later with the Sport 600 ( different wing airfoil )
  4. Hi, there are 2 'styles' of landing gear for the PL. The ''ultralight gear' (544 kg) ((PPL on picture below) and the 'heavier ' Ballard Sport Aircrfat is 'local' for me .. Give me your airframe serial # and I will contact Serge (Ballard) to see what he can do
  5. The blade on the right is a KIEV.. Last year, on a CH601 HDS (short/taper wings) with an ULS engine. We went from a Warp Drive 68'', to a Kiev #263 ( 1710mm 67.3'' ) to an E-props Durandal 100 We saw better performance from WD to Kiev and from Kiev to E-props , similar numbers..but the E-props runs smoother , and have a less inertia than the Kiev .
  6. Hi all, I first used a Eprops 3 years ago..on a Savannah . 5600 on takeoff 5500 on climb 5600 full power level flight VERY smooth and low inertia at engine stop . After, I ordered mine for my CT ,but first used it on a CH601 . More efficient than the Warp Drive previously installed, a bit better than the Kiev , . Ii recommended on our 'CT forum' and you can read all the comments here http://ctflier.com/topic/4988-new-propeller-for-ct/?tab=comments#comment-73293 read my 'report' about the test results on the amphib Kitfox much more efficient than the Whirlwind. alos, sold one to
  7. Thanks I did checked in the web site..which I read so many times. specially lately as we installed the VGs on a HDS 601 HUGE difference THANKS JOHN will try to contact him through this forum.. you're in Wairarapa..!! I will be there in December , scooting down to Rangiora for couple months. cheers
  8. hello have a question regarding Savannah slats length. I bouth a Savannah with slats removed ( VGs installed) and want to ferry the plane . Slats will go by road.. so,, ....: are the Savannah slats in 2 pieces ( like the 701 ) or just one pièce ( that won't fit a car ) if they do separate...is it just few rivets to remove at the junction ow more work.. thanks Jacques the plane
  9. flymate

    Cabin Heater

    Hi Didn't really go to Thunder Bay..Just refuelled at the airport and then around Lake Superior (picture)for next stop ...in Marathon where we stopped for the night because we were frozen.. A heating system using the coolant would be much better on this plane.
  10. flymate

    Cabin Heater

    Cross country flight done...from Calgary,Alberta to Québec City.....~ 2300 milles in 29 hours.....Strong headwinds and freezing rain in the first part...a bit of tail wind and sunny skies in the last part....but COOOOOOLLLDDDD ( all the trip) and the heater.....well it is in the POH only.........as Kyle wrote...useless as...... we were two on board..had a SCAT down to the middle...but ....last time I was so cold in a plane was on open cockpit UL..... but we had a lot of fun and it will be a good trip to remember but please ICP......correct these few design flaws.....( heater, fu
  11. very clever installation, I like it. Only one sight gauge does not make sense to me .... even wonder if it's legal here for Advanced ultralight.....I guess I will have to deal with it for the trip.. one more stress
  12. Mark, you seems to say there are more than one sight tube...Isn't it only one on the left side ???? as the POH says... sure I'ld like to have one each side
  13. GREAT... just what I wanted ...although it says 38 lts max while the capacity is 36 ??? thanks Rick
  14. I would make my own if the plane was close to me and mine. I have to ferry that plane here and the owner/seller just flew short local flights and never really needed the accuracy of the gauges. I tought / wish that someone had made some.
  15. Hi all, is there any fuel gauge stick calibrated for the Savannah tanks that are available...or some measurements that I can duplicate. thanks
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