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  1. Dynon or any other approach plates being anything more than eye candy is crazy you dont have differential gps and inheranantly have any error to 10+ m either side and far more vertically. Even the faintest idea this will allow a safe landing after dark can push people not to land early. Even a controlled prang in daylight into scrub would be better than this outcome. i love my D180, AP and OzR but for actually flying and landing, vis is all you have in RA
  2. jetjr


  3. discussed elsewhere Fuel at last stop is v expensive, and AC heavy with 2 pax, there were two aircraft, one landed just in front, PAL on, pilot called Mayday, Pax in this aircraft was wife of one in front Very sad
  4. Dont think so but would expect that to be a hot location
  5. Older heads are made from material easier to CNC machine and limits are close to a permanent change point if new Gen 4 heads are cast?.?? Then they are different material and can maybe handle more heat safely CAE sed better material too and limits were higher
  6. yes that's what we have in industrial signal conversion, averaging smooths this stuff out, can widen range on screen and these minor changes don't register as much but may as well not have it then With the fuel pressure I think maybe its real pressure variation as float opens and closes, air in fuel lines also makes these variations worse, could be spring regulated mech pump working against float valve. the pressure drop, and drops over ~5 sec then bounces back to high and drops again No needle just coloured electrons bouncing around and they love it
  7. reading any pressure that low is difficult electrically and don't want a fuel tube coming inside either for a mechanical type ...…... Whoever Dynon uses, Kavlico?? have one and measuring fuel pressure in Jab bounces around from 3.5 - 0 all the time
  8. Id be surprised if Rod ever thought about it that hard
  9. They arent certified and the basis that hot air degrades performance would depend on mixture wouldnt it? Generally they run rich 6 cyl has almost nil rpm drop at idle, maybe 100 rpm on cruise and the system melts ice very well, 5 sec or less
  10. Its all Ok Councils now have access to landing fees on all RAA aircraft to cover it Just more services provided for our benefit we should pay for
  11. Just means there’s adequate power for normal operations It sure works, even when idling
  12. 4 cyl are more effected than 3300. not sure why?
  13. Dynamic prop balanceing removes mch of the rumbly feeling on more rigid CF props Three blade can be good for more blade if you want to increase ground clearance Timber from Jabiru used to move around a lot, tracking, depending on the weather, reckon this was masked by timbers inherent vibration damping and flex.
  14. We have little idea about this EFATO, that's the point Re ice, Yep, POH written in Bundaberg Is guess and if youre not expecting it would take quick thinking to clear and keep going. I regularly clear carb ice before take off in cold weather and its hardly noticable when idling. The carb heat check on run ups (if youre not to fast) will let you know if its there with a rpm RISE. Jabiru carb heat setup has very little effect on power, esp 3300, and can handle normal operation left on all the time, all the air is filtered on nearly all Jabiru aircraft hot or cold.
  15. Not sure of the relevance, it wasnt a Lyco? Different carb, even in different location? Jabs common to get ice on taxi and idling in winter inland, rough running on take off would require quick thinking if you werent expecting ice. Pre take off check is apply carb heat, note rpm change
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