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  1. jetjr

    RAAus to disclose member details

    Id suggest this is a process, no info will be released until Sept next yr -alter privacy policy -Let is run for 12 months -Release information with full membership approval in writing - everyone agreed at renewal
  2. jetjr

    RAAus to disclose member details

    I agree, all the talk of RAA medical arrangements and RAA maintenance for either CTA or higher MTOW is wishful thinking. In which case why would you move to RAA with a VH reg aircraft? Cheaper to stay where they are. Building RAA numbers via this path is wishful thinking by RAA. In which case don't trade off few advantages RAA has. Contrary to AOPA thoughts, RAA has these different requirements because of less risk due to lower weight, lower stall and only 1 PAX
  3. jetjr

    SSB Lithium Iron batteries

    Mentioned before however the breakage of Jabiru flywheel bolts was maybe linked to larger starter. Methods to overcome cold start problems could exacerbate the issue LiFe batteries likely have the ability to spin things faster - a good thing - however it can increase loads on flywheel attachment CAE for this reason changed the attachment design to overcome this. Its maybe why Jabiru and others wont back the use of these batteries...…...until they rebadge one for sale, then they will be OK
  4. Heard today that this was apparently a forced landing after engine failure Pilot and PAX were/are badly injured.
  5. Well written but a couple of key changes may negate the argument put forward. Has anyone indicated CTA access or heavier aircraft will be allowed into RAA with reduced maintenance and no medical for these endorsed pilots? If this isn't the case why would large numbers of GA aircraft move to RAA? Would be cheaper and easier to stay where they are.
  6. jetjr

    RAAus to disclose member details

    The same airport operators have last year increased hanger land rents by 100%, also renegotiated leases to allow this to continue annually if they see fit. Justification is extending runways for RPL and emergency helo operations bases. If councils don't charge fees currently, they soon will with RAA help
  7. Ground there is pretty rough, but road (a bad one) close, other accident, Foxbat?? wasn't that far away Id think
  8. This time of year the machine likely working and a low orbit over equipment common. Also can be very dusty Id guess all the low slow and steep traps exist
  9. An AF gauge means little if the fuel distribution isnt even your only looking at the average and could easily have one of more cylinders running very lean
  10. Even fuel distribution EGT are how you measure it - one per cylinder I have flown - some 100hrs and no difference Been fighting this uneven EGT, as have others, through three different engines and 500+ hrs
  11. things run more even with heated air on Havent really tried but just using air from inside cowl might work Im convinced its ram and swirl which changes as velocity changes through intake system - in which case every build will be quite possibly different
  12. Changed from NACA to side duct and achieved nothing
  13. jetjr

    Strategic plan?

    No idea really but would make more sense than conspiracies. Reckon RAA and others should stay concerned about their own businesses rather than what others do or don't have He doesn't want reduced medical for RPL (or RPL at all Id guess) as its a threat to RAA as a whole - keeping RAA viable is his job. He probably shouldn't have been asked for opinion.
  14. jetjr

    Strategic plan?

    A fair portion of the AGM was members talking about PPL medical issues Not sure what they were expecting RAA to do? Likely RAA will be trying to get medical relaxation for CTA and or MTOW increase pilots, it looks like they will need Class 2 at present
  15. jetjr

    Power Plants

    The energy needed to move the water would require several power stations on the way - the resultant water, then too expensive Its a nice idea but not deliverable