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  1. the certification argument has been Rods excuse for some years, in reality theres only one (very old) Jabiru engine that is "certified", all the rest are ASTM at best and even if it had EFI fitted its up to Jabiru to back its operation or not. Was always the excuse that it brings in failure modes and makes engine reliant on electrical system. SDS have a setup which works well and some here have carb retained as in flight redundancy - works great Im told. No individual injector trim for 6 cyl unless you get dual ECU which makes it pretty expensive. Several flying well here and fuel savings alone see it stack up over pretty short time. South Africans had a really nice EFI setup and sold some but AU put a stop to it. Jabiru have a tendancy to promote and approve only things they own or have developed in house. An understandable business model but restricts development to their own capabilities and opinions.
  2. Only ones defending this are RAA and that's what they believe, I think it stinks I was told when renewals done we confirm details and sign the new privacy clause on it, most wouldn't know it was there or changed Its been discussed here previously.
  3. Its been on membership renewal forms since last September
  4. reads OK but considering their strong opposition to EFI over years its surprising to see them present a microprocessor controlled unit Fail safe back to std carb is what many EFI systems use too.
  5. Councils are charging fees to RAA users to cover RPT security and runway lengthening isn't fair or reasonable, then in fact moving to CLOSE smaller cross strips. this is ON TOP of rents and rates for hangers being doubled or more and contracts rewritten to allow this every 2 years This is an acceptance of councils cash grab with little in return. RAA need the AAA support for CTA and increased MTOW - the members who are keen on this, (75% according to research) may not have been aware what was being traded off for these benefits. Nor that it would apply to very few and would not be available under existing RAA exemptions ie with self Maint or self declared medicals.
  6. There is/was an exemption to fly in cta with expeimental aircraft but few remain in use i think WAC charts have yellow areas around towns which I assumed were the built up areas, at least they are a pretty good guide.
  7. Not a lot of spare CPL sitting around regional areas with nothing to do As far as urgency, try cancelling an appointment with a specialist and see when the next available date is The whole concept is based around people who live where they cannot access regular medical treatments or Id say spare CPL services. If not Angel flight possibly no treatment, on balance a lower spec air flight (and all the danger it exposes them to) may well extend their life
  8. Bruce, Vivida Ablescope VA400 https://www.oasisscientific.com/vividia-va-400-rigid-usb-articulating-borescope-videoscope-inspection-camera.html Fits in Jabiru plug hole and looks back on valves well Were on ebay, they also make a wifi unit which lets you use ipad as screen Also used to be much cheaper...…. Mirror type or ones on flex cable are waste of time for inspecting valves and heads - only look straight ahead.
  9. Not helped by ballooning costs of council provided service fees for security, staff, no doubt insurances on tiny RPT airports Jet Go disappeared after action from Dubbo Council for $300K I thought Council charges per head security fee even for those travelling in aircraft for which it isn't required, same deal at Orange and others
  10. Probly should look at survival and treatment rate for the critically ill patients these flights move around the place. A large number of rural people battle cancer without treatments available in major centres and the survival rates for those in regional vs cities bears this out
  11. yes that's true, lots of testing done and done well, but not with one wing tank empty and one full which changes things a lot. Also largely done on short wing versions I think. Early wing tank versions has gascolators and a dual tap near brake handle. Still see the odd one with "sharks fin" centre vent, gascolators were removed after a couple of problems, vented tank caps and header tank installed under pax seat. 3 port individual taps near wing roots, reckon they had 2 in one out, later the handles were removed. In J230 the header tank moved to rear and taps deleted altogether, Little clamps supplied in toolkit though. There was some interesting videos on line on these spin tests.
  12. I recall hearing that some aircraft (Jabiru in this case) had individual wing tank taps deleted due to the fact that with them installed it required one tank full, one tank empty spin testing. Reckon that might be too much for many structurally.
  13. Jabirus have retrived fuse and have pictures, cockpit amazingly intact and pilot has only scrtches they indicate pilot confirmed inadequate fuel for flight see their facebook page
  14. Insurers now ask all the same type of questions and cant handle the answer that all care was taken and it was a accident that no amount of preventative cost or analysis could forsee. Maybe this is the continuation of safety at any cost mentality across lots of industries. Its your responsibility to prevent accidents therefore if there is one its your fault.
  15. My incident even had spelling errors brought across, you might have got the point across to not fiddle with info