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  1. tillmanr


  2. Channel 10 reporting it was a powered hang glider
  3. +1 to that. Keep fighting the good fight Ian. Many appreciate this site but not many say so.
  4. I am in the process of buying a hangar and so I need to know where members have found the best deals for insurance are to be found. Appreciate your advice.
  5. I tried to start a conversation but it is blocking me. You may be able to contact me. Thanks
  6. I realise it is a link but still question the relevance
  7. I question the relevance of the image number 2 in the report which is a Cessna.
  8. The F35 was touted by many as being able to replace the aA10 even as recently as two years ago. At that time the A10 was scheduled for retirement due to the wing service life reaching expiration.
  9. I don’t see how this aircraft can be replaced by the F35. Replacement of the wings should give it a good service future.
  10. The ABC online reporting that a Piper Tomahawk has encountered the terrain. Pilot appears to be ok.
  11. Sorry David, I see it in a number of places now. Wonder who,s eyes I was using the first read. 
    1. David 95

      David 95

      Proably Mine after  12 hr night shift, Lucky to see the front door!
  12. Hi David, the club notice accessed by the link doesn’t have the date. Cheers 
    1. David 95

      David 95

      Hi  It Does 31st March Big in Red at the top of the page, Just checked myself Just in case I had stuffed up. Cheers David  [ATTACH]38676[/ATTACH]
  13. Interestingly to fly into Avalon airshow RAA aircraft have to have TSO’d instruments but not TSOd radios.
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