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  1. tillmanr

    Please Vote

    We need to again thank you and your team
  2. tillmanr

    Please Vote

    My option is to go back to Recreational Flying. You may consider adding “& Aircraft”. This gives us Recreational Flying & Aircraft. It is a bit more inclusive if that is desired. Cheers all
  3. tillmanr

    Temora heaven ending?

    Can someone confirm that Temora council is introducing landing fees for visitors as well as slugging airpark residents a levy? Paradise lost.
  4. tillmanr

    Site closing for update Fri night

    Clear skies for the update Ian
  5. tillmanr

    Accident and defect

    Maybe 4 or 5 years ago I volunteered to spend a week in Canberra at my expense to assist in any way they needed. I am still waiting for a reply.
  6. Hi fellow wingnuts, does anyone know of hangarage available near Melbourne? Thanks in advance.
  7. tillmanr

    Please choose on Menu System

    I have indicated side menu but it is not that important to me.
  8. tillmanr

    Tech Manager

    I think that the “Control agency” is the local police. They then allow other agencies work on the scene and then gather information as appropriate.
  9. tillmanr

    Move to Aircraft Pilots

    Thanks Ian, do what it takes. No grief from here. Rob
  10. tillmanr

    Polycarbonate screen damage

    If you take the sharp cutting edge off the drill similar to drilling in brass the material is scraped out rather than cut out. This stops the drill from biting in and cracking the material.
  11. tillmanr

    New Federal Cabinet

    I walked through the Melbourne CBD including Flinders Street this week and encountered only a few people begging. None of them were aggressive and they certainly were not reaping a golden harvest.
  12. tillmanr

    Tucson AZ on Google Earth.

    PIMA air and space museum is excellent. This is the starting point for the tour buses through the aircraft boneyard. A great tour, well managed with photos allowed from the bus.
  13. Seems like a convenient sorting of the facts to me. The selected destinations do not relate.
  14. tillmanr

    Oshkosh Airventure 2018

    A shot of the central display area taken from a Bell47. There was reportedly 600,000 visitors over the week and over 10,000 visiting aircraft. As mentioned above, no wire or barriers but polite requests. Maybe the crowd is more polite and well behaved than Australian crowds. A great time again.
  15. Jab7252, your idea is good to see. When you are bored after achieving the result you wanted you might consider a facility to input alternates along the path. Good luck.