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  1. Thanks for your efforts Red in compiling this reference
  2. Excellent report Peter. I needed to use “Try this link” and it worked fine.
  3. Congratulations to him. Flying at that level is an achievement few of us will achieve.
  4. Hi Ian, the page downloaded quickly and reads clearly. However I mostly only want to access the new unread page so I am probably not the one to comment on this. Keep up the great work.
  5. I am disappointed with this comment. I expected more from you. My 15 years volunteering with a crash rescue unit did not include training to deal with inane comments. About as informed as a journalist talking of Cessna triples.
  6. YouTube is blocked but Flying link connected Thanks
  7. I can’t see the link. Has it been removed or is it the China firewall?
  8. tillmanr


  9. Channel 10 reporting it was a powered hang glider
  10. +1 to that. Keep fighting the good fight Ian. Many appreciate this site but not many say so.
  11. I am in the process of buying a hangar and so I need to know where members have found the best deals for insurance are to be found. Appreciate your advice.
  12. I tried to start a conversation but it is blocking me. You may be able to contact me. Thanks
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