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  1. When first test flown the engines rotated in the opposite direction to that currently used, which destroyed most of the lift over the wings. Changing rotation (swappingsides) overcame this.
  2. Can I assume that this is South African news?
  3. tillmanr

    Radio replacement

    I have the option of a panel mount or circular so I am open minded at the moment. Also, thanks for your responses and keep them coming.
  4. tillmanr

    Radio replacement

    Hi, these prices are in USD aren’t they? about $AU 2000 at a guess
  5. Hi fellow wing nuts, I am looking to replace my aircraft radio with a modern small non-TSO'd unit with priority selection. I would appreciate feedback on your experiences with the radios available as well as a tech to install one in Victoria. Thanks
  6. tillmanr

    Alternate organisation...deafening silence

    I saw a twin Jabiru under development at Bundaberg a couple of years ago. I don’t know what this progressed to.
  7. ABC and other news reporting CVR found
  8. tillmanr

    New Dutch Waterline

    A great report thank you dppintr. Clear skies.
  9. Bruce T, Victoria does not have annual RWC inspections. Only on transferring ownership.
  10. I visited Frogs Hollow yesterday (on four wheels) while visiting relatives nearby. What a wonderful and peaceful setting. I am not against developers per se but this is quiet rural land with no nearby commercial/residential development. A massive change would be necessary if the Chinese proposal was granted. Apart from the imposition on the locals of the proposal, the benefits would probably be few as historically it would be built by Chinese, staffed by Chinese except for flying instructors, catered by Chinese and accomodation staffed by Chinese. I am not against Chinese trading in Australia but it should be within currently operating larger airfields.
  11. tillmanr

    Please Vote

    We need to again thank you and your team
  12. tillmanr

    Please Vote

    My option is to go back to Recreational Flying. You may consider adding “& Aircraft”. This gives us Recreational Flying & Aircraft. It is a bit more inclusive if that is desired. Cheers all
  13. tillmanr

    Temora heaven ending?

    Can someone confirm that Temora council is introducing landing fees for visitors as well as slugging airpark residents a levy? Paradise lost.
  14. tillmanr

    Site closing for update Fri night

    Clear skies for the update Ian
  15. tillmanr

    Accident and defect

    Maybe 4 or 5 years ago I volunteered to spend a week in Canberra at my expense to assist in any way they needed. I am still waiting for a reply.