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  1. Found this the other day, interesting development. Could be Nuclear powered as well.
  2. Hi, can anybody tell me where the classified section is? Thanks
  3. Does anyone know what it costs to send a 503 over to the US and get it back again?
  4. Thanks for that, I will forward the information to him.
  5. HI I have an 18 year old nephew who may be interested in getting his commercial license. Just wandering what is the best, cheapest (in that order of priority) way to go about this. He is about 2 hours from Adelaide and has TIF booked at Parafield to take soon. We also have access to an RAAus flight school within 20 km Would he be better off to get some hours up locally? Will the RAAus hours be recognised later on? Should he just bight the bullet and do the travelling? I remember seeing related threads but could not find them after a quick look. Thanks in advance.
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