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  1. You'll need a "Type B-Mini USB Cable". See here: http://www.liquidware.com/system/0000/0016/USBmini.jpg And the Garmin MapSource Software Cheers Greg
  2. I'm pretty sure this is the one that was built at Lethbridge :)
  3. Sorry, been busy with other things..... In that case you'd get the $60,000 and they get the aircraft! Otherwise up to $5ooo to retreive the aircraft and repairs less excess (1,500 from memory). Cheers GregF
  4. Russell, you have a new PM! Cheers Greg
  5. Hi Russell, I can put you in touch with a Corvair "Importer" so to speak if you like. He should be able to point you in the direction of builders & flyers in the Brisbane area. Cheers Greg
  6. Gotta love it in the tropics! Good luck with the weather & Enjoy the flying! Cheers Greg
  7. Awesome scenery, thanks for sharing! Cheers Greg
  8. Thanks for that Frank, You forgot to mention the Pilots abilities I'll give you a call next time I'm looking for somewhere to go! Cheers Greg
  9. So your strip is long enough for a Jab Frank? I'll have to fly in there if so, it doesn't look like I'll get there if I have to drive :) Cheers Greg
  10. GregF

    Dog Poo

    No Alan, just the Dog, it is a little confusing isn't it! Cheers Greg
  11. ~$1700ish for J160; Ground, Taxiing and Flight ~$550 for Ground cover only Cheers
  12. I use RGIB which use QBE who have treated me very well! Cheers Greg
  13. Your sneaky missus has chucked in an extra 10Kg of extra baggage
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