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  1. I agree with everything said here but how does it get fixed? a campaign? AOPA,? boycott?. Safety was once the excuse for introducing excessive bureaucracy now it's security. Unfortunately we live in times where some controls are necessary to ensure the safety of the general public but the current ASIC rule ( and cost) is over the top. I would be interested in members views on a solution
  2. C180, C210,8KCAB, Be76, PA34, PA31.
  3. Correct, no longer with us and would have done spin training at some stage I expect. Can't be sure why he did not recover, probably never did it before on this type or perhaps the person (prospective buyer) with him tried it without the training.
  4. I'm an advocate of spin training. True I am an aerobatic pilot but I was required to take the training as a student in the UK before solo long before I started aeros. It is true that a high percentage of spins happen in the circuit area and , if fully developed you will probably not recover in time but not all incident are in the circuit area. Many years ago a friend of mine was selling a Zlin and was demonstrating a spin at 3000 ft and did not recover. Besides, it can be argued that spin training increases your awareness of what not to do and your confidence in general handling. The fact is t
  5. Geoff, I was require to complete spin training many years ago as part of the UK syllabus for a Private license; and again here in Australia for an Aerobatic endorsement. The argument for and against has raged for as long as I have been a pilot and probably even longer. The real, IMO. advantage for the training is to recognize the onset of a spin. Cross controls turning final when low and slow is the classic condition and you would be lucky to survive if it is allowed to develop.
  6. I managed to do it after downloading the 2 service packs for Windows 10 (64 bit). I'm no expert but I managed to find a simulator forum that was helpful. Others more expert than I may be able to help but assuming the program is not corrupted it is doable. The program does crash sometimes and that seems to be continually reported on the tech forums with many fixes suggested but so far has not completely fixed it for me. I love the program and use it to keep my instrument rating skills current but I'm going have to go to X-plane in the next year.
  7. Agree completely. It's no wonder GA is in decline and has been for some time. After 40 years I am close to not bothering myself; only shear bloody mindedness keeps me going. One of the major problem with aviation in Australia is the lack of advocacy. Unlike America we have no peek body looking after our interests and lobbying the polies. AOPA has largely done nothing that I'm aware of. GA is largely a pain for CASA and they would rather we not be around...and they are winning!
  8. Quite so! the CASRs..What will be interesting to see is if CASA changes the AFR requirements as part of the part 61 review!..Some of these requirements seem IMHO to be unnecessarily stringent. For instance, an AFR conducted for a Private Instrument Rating or a night rating does not count for a VFR AFR. I recently conducted a 2 hour test with an examiner of airman for a GNSS addition to my rating and have been told that did not count as an AFR so I have to do that in addition in a few months!.
  9. Of course, everything in aviation is about being prepared and it is a review with an instructor (not an examiner or airman) with the aim of refreshing your knowledge and bringing you back to a satisfactory standard. The CARs are quite specific about that :)
  10. I had a break of ten years and had to re-start by doing a BFR (It's now called an AFR by the way!!). It's important to remember that this it is not a test and your instructor is permitted to give you instruction during it. Have you applied for an ASIC or AVID?(Aviation Security Card) this was one of the first questions I was asked as you will need one to go solo although you should be okay dual. Of course, you will also need a medical but again I think you can still do an AFR without it but you would not be able to fly without an instructor. Swatting up on the VFG is a good start. Every traini
  11. Yes, the logic defeats me!!!. Last year I received a Pilot's license in the US without this amount of bureaucracy. It seems General Aviation in Australia is being screwed at every turn. I'm certainly not opposed to ensuring all reasonable steps are taken to protect our country but this seems over the top. Who would believe that anybody with evil intensions would not carry the act out because he/she did not have an ASIC? you would simply hire a pilot and overpower him/her. And you already have to attend an interview at a Post Office to obtain a Passport-and that's one of the documents used t
  12. I have quite a few hours on this type and although I never suffered a genuine engine failure I do not recall any issue with pitch control. A noisy but good aircraft that would cook the rear engine on the ground if you did nit watch it -and you needed to understand the fuel system or you could be in trouble- but otherwise no real vises.
  13. I fly at Adelaide Bi-Planes..Aldinga when I visit SA. They have a good selection of aircraft for low hour pilot plus tail wheel aircraft. Nice friendly people.
  14. A lot depend on which model of C172 we are talking about. The old models had 40 deg flaps and would not go round at full flap. This would have prolonged an attempt at lift off and any crosswind would have been an issue. In any case the P factor will cause a veer to the left unless you are aggressive with the rudder when you apply full power. I think this is just a case of a low time pilot meeting a condition he/she had not met before. We have all been there at some point.
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