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  1. This article by kitfox designer & manufacturer Dan Denny some time ago states that kitfox airframes are quite ok to carry an extra 300 lbs if you choose to do so, as the Skyfox could be considered a stronger version of the kitfox ,one could assume that an official weight increase to at least 550 kg should be sought from RAA. One could make the point that at the time the skyfoxes were being produced ,they were only certified to 425kg because that was the maximum approved weight at that time ,test data showed that they easily passed all safety testing with plenty of margin
  2. Referring to kaz,s recollections of incident a Euroa gliding field, I recon I was also there on that day , if so the aircraft referred to was a brand new Robinso Bird and the prang was quite spectacular to watch , straight up stall , and strait down , as I remember chap escaped any major injury , but boy , did his missus pay out big time, also remeber the George Markey modified saphire flying spectacular low level aero,s & the incident with the car, was so impressed with the freedom of the ultralight that discontinued with the gliding lessons & purchased a twin engined Tyro fro
  3. I may be able to help as I have a complete airframe in excellent condition but no log books to enable VH registration
  4. I basically recall that the project may have attracted govt funding, but despite gaining some publicity and taxiing before the media I have no recollection or seen any evidence of it ever actually flying
  5. recently flew a mates jabiru sk , it went amazingly well and indicated an airspeed of 90knts + using around 2600 revs , burning 18+ litres. + 100 knts+ using 3000 revs. ( pretty much flat out ). Burning 25+ litres Not being overly familiar with the Jabiru , I was surprised with the quantity of fuel being burnt and would be interested if a fellow jab pilot could supply some comparison figures
  6. When gearbox removed it was found to be as new when it was attached to a new motor in Bert Floods workshop Measurements were then taken from the motor now being offered for sale whilst it was in the workshop and found to be also almost as new also
  7. Hi Mick, phone number has now been corrected, Unfortunately engine hrs is unknown as aircraft ( Drifter) was obtained from a deceased estate but logs could not be located, as aircraft is now owned by a syndicate it was decided to replace the engine with new regardless of the fact it started and ran perfectly , as cost would be shared amongst 4 members, New motor was purchased and gearbox removed
  8. Installing a fresh 582 motor at present , but noticed the existing pulse pump was mounted on edge as opposed to horizontal as recommended by Rotax , pump appears to have operated in this position for some time , but maybe the elec boost pump , also installed , was hiding a problem. , was the pulse pump mounted on edge the standard drifter installation ?
  9. Brake drums have cleaned up quite well with some heavy sandpaper , have taken advice and had the shoes rebonded with new 4mm pads , should all work ok, Anyone solved the problem of wear around u/c legs where they pass through the fuse structure?
  10. An executive decision has been taken to replace fabric as part of the resto , mainly for cosmetic purpurses the current fabric passed the " red in face ". thumb test ok , thanks Riley, for generous offer of bettsometer. Now onto drum drakes that are well worn. but after a general look around these parts do not seem readily available so may have to look for alternatives, Any suggestions welcome
  11. Thanks for info jabiruken. , wires now nicely adjusted. Now have to establish the condition of the fabric which has faded lightly but still has good resistance to thumb pressure , but would be interested to know the procedures used by other flyers or L2's to establish fabrics use by date
  12. To assist with the resto of an aging Drifter, would appreciate some info on a source for obtaining replacement flying wires which are now becoming a bit slack
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