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  1. peter


  2. Onex, aerovee modified for inverted flight
  3. HI Jase, I think I started around 2000 at Murray Bridge with James at RPA. Have had a couple of Jabs ( and loved them) which I flew all over the place including 5678 which I brought back from Noosa and last I saw was still online at Murray Bridge. Now based out of Goolwa which has to be close to the perfect place to fly - hangar with a sea view, 3 runways ( land in any wind) lots of flat paddocks ( if the engine has a hissy fit) whales in winter, murray mouth and coorong, and a very interesting array of planes (heaps of experimentals, few warbirds and gyros, not to mention the amazing folding wing Onex!!) Fabulous LAME who can work on composites, metal and wood/fabric and puts on some amazing aerobatic displays. Plus it is sufficiently quiet that I get annoyed if I have to wait for anyone before entering and rolling. Drop in if you are down this way, Peter
  4. I had no idea that 182’s had jabiru engines. According to this forum jabiru engines are the only ones that fail. After all the comments on the recent jabiru engine which just stopped, on this thread all the comments are about the pilot, on the other thread it is all about the engine. The bias against jabiru seems to know no bounds. For me, dollar for dollar jabiru have to have the best value engine going.
  5. My Onex performs as well or better than the Sonex published data, have been pleasantly surprised that the data “claimed“ matches the real world performance.
  6. I would expect all airforce trainees to become comfortable with unusual attitudes including basic aerobatics, but I am guessing. If yes then I would have thought around +6-3 would be more appropriate. Any airforce pilots care to enlighten us, please.
  7. correct me if I'm wrong please Nick but the prime is +4 -2, which would not make it ideal as an airforce trainer.
  8. The yellow one is the original and still works perfectly but I wanted to go hi tech with a colour screen hence the new one. The new one also has built in magnetic compass, cheers Peter
  9. Go for it! At least with the etrex around you can monitor the lack of accuracy of your magnetic compass! My etrex is 16 years old and has guided me safely through white outs in Antarctica and heavy fog in the Arctic, places where magnetic variation can be as much as 80degrees, as well as all my flying here in Oz so I'm pretty biased. Have you swung a compass before? Cheers Peter PS congrats on the build and keep us updated PPS don't believe the 25 hours, depends on screen settings and ambient temp, spare batteries are pretty cheap PPPs having a GPS continuously tracking where you came from is also pretty comforting when dodging showers which is why I like to have the phone GPS as well!
  10. Actually a magnetic compass is not that simple, you need to accurately swing the compass , which needs to be done with the engine running at various speeds and on a range of headings. Where you position it can be critical. Hence the development of gyroscopic heading devices. An accurate magnetic compass is expensive. A compass provides heading but not track. A 100 dollar Garmin etrex will give accurate track, can be mounted easily, (just needs to “see” the sky). It needs no ongoing adjustment. Cheers Peter
  11. what is the legal requirement for a compass? I never use a magnetic compass anymore. they are prone to a multitude of errors and in my incredibly simple layout I have garmin GPS, ipad GPS, iphone GPS and I'm flying VFR so I can just look out the windscreen. My iphone and garmin etrex both have magnetic compass built in. That provides about 5 layers of redundancy with out a fitted/dedicated compass. Aren't we about simple flying? Peter
  12. Hi all, I will be in Cairns this weekend, wondering if any aviators up this way would like to catch up. I have my own transport. cheers Peter
  13. I will be in Cairns over the weekend and interested in catching up with any flyers Cheers Peter Onex VH-BHU Goolwa
  14. If the aircraft is owner maintained, given the MPC from SAAA and the online course from RAAus, then the maintenance log may be beautifully kept with extensive notes all of which are meaningless because it tells you nothing of the mechanical competence of the author simply that he knows what to write where and what numbers to put next to his/her signature. I learnt nothing about the actual maintenance when I did my course.
  15. I think you will also find it is easier to transfer GA to RAAus than the other way around. In theory the training costs from scratch to RPL should not be much different than to RPC. The only actual extra requirement is instrument time and some of that can be done on a simulator. If you find a school that does both then you can end up with both quite easily.
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