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  1. Hi there Kyle, now based SEQLD and just buying a SavVG (I’ve owned a VG and a 701 previously). I’ve noticed that you’ve completed a twin stick mod. That’s a feature I’d have liked in both my previous aircraft so wondered if you’ve got drawings/details that you’d care to share?  Cheers.

    1. Kyle Communications

      Kyle Communications

      The ones I have fitted are the factory ones but I dont use electric flaps. ICP say you cant have twin sticks without electric flaps but that is BS. I converted my VGXL and I am finishing rebuilding a wrecked S model now and am fitting a set to it as well. You are welcome to come and see how its done. I am about to paint everything in the next week or two on this one. There is a couple of things to know about but its pretty easy to do. The original factory twin sticks for the VG and classic were very ordinary but the later versions are quite good. All bearings fitted etc

      I fly out of Caboolture and am doing the rebuild at my house at Burpengary East  give me a ring  0408724272


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