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  1. Morning All, In the Northern Rivers of NSW, we have a situation that is close to every aviators heart: Local council having a go at aviators because we are an easy target..... ONE aircraft noise winger (Judith Forsyth), who moved to our community about a year ago, has managed to get into the ear of a few councilors and now the whole airport and peoples livelihoods could go up in smoke. Izaac from Fast Aviation has put out a petition with a very detailed description of what is going on to assist business at Lismore Airport and taking aim at the ridiculous lan
  2. Howdy All, I have recently done a service on a Pipistrel Virus. In its 5 year rubber kit was a fuel line called Ariete (purple, double walled, unleaded petrol). A bit of research showed this: The inner clear pipe is covered with a purple outer tube which protects from high engine temperatures, mechanical stress and is shrink proof. Highly durable and flexible with a translucent inner to enable you to see dirty fuel through the pipe. I also believe I read somewhere that the inner hose was silicon, but I can't find the reference anymore. Check out this URL for the different types av
  3. Morning All, I find this a very fascinating topic for a number of reasons, but primarily because I have been involved in the aviation industry since 1990. My personal biased perception is that the industry has been in a contiguous decline. I agree that the aviation medical situation is not rational, in particular when you look at risk mitigation vs. money spend as it is well know that there is a certain point at which you could spend the whole countries GDP and would not see any improvement. So let me be clear before I continue: I agree with the proposed changes and by default pilots taking re
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