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  1. Hi Bex, I hope you are on your way to fully recovering. I'm sure we will be amazed at how many good ideas you will come up with once you have had some rest! The Wedgetail "Typhoon" will soon be 760 Kg compliant, all metal structure, tailplane and elevator, up to 200 Hp. Maybe we can talk about it once you have recovered. Ray
  2. Raytol

    Another Historical tale of Valour.

    The definition of a hero.
  3. Raytol

    Plane crash near Stawell

    Problem easily fixed by fitting one or two small vertical surfaces to the rear of the fuselage. They have done the same fix to heaps of aircraft in the past.
  4. I have just got home from attending AirVenture and I was there from Wednesday evening until Sunday morning. I was in the camping area for that time. The rain was good and saved us from a very dusty environment. The camping area was well set up with lights, toilets and showers. Whoever designed the showers has never really had to have one in them! The venue is good and has room for expanding the Exhibitors area and has room for many more attendees. The volunteers, marshals and vendors were friendly and helpful and it was a great atmosphere to be in. There was an OTT police presence and they were obviously bored! There was a lack of AirVenture signage in Cessnock and no signs leading people to the airport! Apparently the local Council is strict on signs and who and where they can be used so they removed them! MM also said they did a letterbox drop for the locals. Quite a few came on the Saturday. It is my understanding that the financial risk is David's ( who owns the Airventure business) and that RAAus has a limit on their liability. I hope someone made a profit out of it so that it will continue into the future. Thank you to Matt Hall ( I don't know how his brain is not scrambled!), The BAE Hawk pilot ( he probably picks his brain out of his backside), and all of the airshow pilots. It was also great that exhibitors could fly their aircraft for potential customers. I feel like cracking the heads together of RAAus, SAAA and AOPA so that they will support any attempts to showcase our industry to flyers and public alike. My overall opinion was that it well done for a first time at this venue and hope the local council gets on board next time!.
  5. Raytol

    Here we go again

    Even once you have gone solo every flight is a learning experience!
  6. Raytol

    Polycarbonate screen damage

    Does not even have to be liquid petrol, just the vapour or fumes will do it
  7. Raytol

    Polycarbonate screen damage

    Does not even have to be liquid petrol, just the vapour or fumes will do it.
  8. Raytol

    What to buy?

    There is a lovely Typhoon at Grafton for $35K. Owned by a meticulous L2 and flying instructor called Peter Clement. 0412 505252
  9. Raytol

    First electric Helicopter

    About 5 years ago I saw a battery powered helicopter flying at Bankstown Airport flown by Peter Wieland. A long time before the Sikorski Firefly. I saw the prototype Firefly at Oshkosh that year and the reps said that it had not flown yet. Impractical idea dropped by the Wieland Helicopter team which went broke afterwards.
  10. Raytol

    Old Grasshopper problem

    Great Dave, Looking forward to seeing you and your latest fire breather! Ray
  11. Raytol

    Old Grasshopper problem

    Hi FlyVulcan, Yes, how can I ever forget the noise generated by that pressure jet engine!!!! and the fearsome/ awesome flames coming out of it! The only louder thing I have heard is my GrassHopper with a Robin 440 engine driving a supersonic 4 bladed prop. Even with a full face helmet a short flight left me with ringing in my ears for hours afterwards and nausea. I got noise complaints from further away from where I got them with your diabolical jet! I hope you are still going well, Ray
  12. Raytol

    Old Grasshopper problem

    Yes, it got finished and was recently sold again in Victoria. I was flown reasonably frequently and it still looked like new. The new owner may sell it if you are interested. It has a Rotax 503 on it. Contact me for his phone number. Ray [email protected]
  13. Raytol

    Old Grasshopper problem

    I think I built this one!
  14. Flying car seems more logical. Just put the wings away and drive into town!