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  1. LOL......yesterday the terro`s killed 10 journalists in Kabul...Erik in Oz.
  2. MBY, some people just know how to put thoughts into words......excellent piece.Erik in Oz.
  3. LOL......you know, it is very difficult to argue against one line statements. You get pulled into the narrow and shallow, and it becomes emotionally exhaustive. So I am just going to say.....Ya well, no fine.Erik in Oz.
  4. You are either very naive, or know something the rest of us don`t. Let`s hope it is the latter.
  5. HelloI don`t post much on this site, but have to reply to this post: I would like to mention a thing or two regarding the reported terrorist incident in Israel. Having spent a great part of my younger life involved in the art of, and defending against, unconventional warfare, it scares me s***less to know that the terrorists have evolved from suicide vests to drone-delivered devices in such a relatively short period of time. Knowing what can be produced, manufactured and the delivery methods of such, I can assure you that they are not even past the introduction page of the book on Terror. W
  6. Exactly my point, said with a slight chuckle of irony.Erik in Oz.
  7. Sheezzz, don`t you have anything better to worry about? A friend of mine used a combine harvester to cut the words into a field of ripe wheat, but I understand your problem....too much snow and not enough wheat...Erik in Oz.
  8. LOL.......ah, but you miss the point: It is cheaper to fly RA.......
  9. Bruce, I absolutely agree with you. My father-in-law is German born and raised, and he lives in Durban, South Africa, the home of a multitude of Indians. He cooks the most divine curries, from recepies (sp?) given to him by the Indians working for him. Delicious. Erik in Oz.
  10. MORE miss-information? What other miss-information are you insinuating?Erik in Oz.
  11. Real world use. Not paper manual use. When was the last time you took off, flew for x hours, and landed on full power? Get real.Erik in Oz.
  12. No aero engine runs at rated power continuously. At most take-off +5 minutes.Erik in Oz.
  13. Good on ya, Mark. Keep us updated as to the performance of the little diesel. I still love all the alternative power plants used in aviation.Erik in Oz.
  14. This is becoming like the old argument....what was first, the chicken or the egg? I agree totally that the pilot will justify the plane he wants. I am on the tail of a very nice MiG17 ex-Russian air force. It does not cost much, but I am still trying to get my head around the fuel consumption.....:>).....Also, from MY point of view: I don`t HAVE to fill 4 seats. I also don`t HAVE to carry 120 pounds of luggage. But I CAN if I want to.Enough from me. Erik in Oz.
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