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  1. CASA will probably get excited also. CASA EX11/16 - Exemption, approval and permission - dropping of articles.
  2. Oh wow. Thanks for posting this onetrack. Now I know. I wonder how much simulator time went into the preparation for this.
  3. This retired 747 was delivered to an air museum in South Africa (I believe). I've had the photo for years. No other information came with it.
  4. Me too. I downloaded the new VTC and compared it to Oz Runways before it updated. The Archerfield/Amberley corridor, Redcliffe/Caboolture and Maroochydore are all affected.
  5. You can thank Brett Walton (Segway dealer on the Gold Coast) and Transport Minister Scott Emerson. In 2013 they got together to have the legislation passed. For some time, police were using Segways at Southbank. I suspect this aspect had a lot to do with letting the rest of us use them publicly. The original Segway weighs about 55-60 kgs, so a bit awkward to stuff into your plane.
  6. Hello from your newest member. Here's some history. 11th June 2001 = effects of controls 5th August 2006 = flew from YBAF to YWSG to YBAF and hung up my headset and PPL. Now nearly 12 years later, I have money again and have had a trial instructional flight in a microlight. I wonder how long the bank balance will last this time. There, I did it. Now go away little message.
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