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Salutations from the Gold Coast!


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Greetings everyone. As far as the obligatory introductory posts go, I'll keep this one short. The name's Chris, I just came on 17 years of being on this planet (come on, age diversity is usually never a bad thing :P ), and I'm about to properly start my GFPT/PPL course at YAMB early next year. I've done some flying here and there. I'm currently working at Tiger Moth Joy Rides on the Gold Coast as one of the ground support crew (image below). Mowing the apron by hand and loving every second of it!



Beyond aviation, photography, technology, the ADF (and other militaries), modern history and music are my other most prevalent interests. I'm a graphic designer as well. My studies are winding down for the year so I thought it was a good idea to start to socialize with the aerial brethren I intend to share the rest of my life with. I'll catch you gents around. Peace ~



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Hi Chris


There are a few younger chaps on here.


Most of us are 40+ (I reckon).... Maybe there is a survey to verify this


If you have the chance to start flying early - take it!







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Cool all right . Especially in winter in Victoria. Nev

I did a check ride in a DH82a last winter in the yarra valley,,,I've never felt air go past bloody cold to where it feels like it's burning till then




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