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  1. I have had a similar thing happen to me today. My 2019 remewal was due 7/8/19 and was paid 9/8/19. Today I received a notice that my 2020 renewal has expired. (9/6/20). By my calculations should not be due for another 2 months. I have not received any prior notice that is pending, just an SMS to say it has expired. I will be calling RAA in the morning to sort it.
  2. It beats me why the two Mikes want to transform RAA into something it was never meant to be. Supposedly we now have a membership of 13,000 - surely that is enough to be able to operate successfully without adding old spam can aircraft to our register. This will add a complexity to all aircraft on the RAA register beginning with all aircraft over 600 kgs having to be LAME maintained. Just watch - that will filter down given time, management’s mantra is that they do not care about increasing the cost of aviation to recreational aircraft (after all - we have to support maintenance engineers appar
  3. So why did Tony King suddenly resign?. Two months ago Michael Monke was asking in his column if it was time for him to go hinting at a group within the board wanted him gone due to his non consultative ways. Tony King fronted the Senate hearing representing RAA with Spencer Ferrier the architect of the “Ltd liability company” that we have have now. (Described as having a “fractured dynamic”.) All of a sudden Tony King is out of favour and has resigned - there must be a story behind this - was he pushed?.
  4. Wasn’t there a reference in the Sport Pilot before last in Monke’s column about four directors in opposition to his actions and he asked the readers if it was time for him to GO, inviting readers to comment?. No reference to it in this month’s mag tho.
  5. ApenNameAndThatA. I have been reading this thread with interest watching the various pieces of wisdom being passed on to you by long time pilots so you hopefully learn something, but you mentioned crossed controls decending on final and no one has picked up on this , so in the interest of your safety- listen up - to do this would to say the least very foolhardy to the point it could be catistrophic. There have been many aircraft stalled at low level or turning on final through not flying in a “balanced state”. The best thing you could do to reaquant yourself with your previously learned kn
  6. Re the Jabiru - it is covered in the construction manual (available on the Jabiru web site), they recommend a slight amout of toe in as this will tend to straighten at max gross weight. A slight amount of toe in is better than toe out as has been already been pointed out. This is achieved by rotating a bevelled washer on the axle attach point. Cheers.
  7. Merry Xmas to you and yours Ian.
  8. What’s wrong with what we have now?. Exemptions for those who want to operate out of control zones are already in place. This is all about privaledges for span can fliers who RAA want to attract into the ranks and it’s us who are paying.
  9. Recreational Flying works for me. I liked the bias toward aircraft under 600 kg as that is where my interest lies, although I also enjoy the “antique” genre’. Call the site what you like Ian but I do know my visits to it recently have waned since the rename to Aircraft Pilots as I don’t believe that the GA influence that has crept into RAA has bought anything of value to ultralighters, just financial pain and increased scrutiny. I viewed this site as a voice for those with RAA interests and you clearly wish to expand your horizons which of course is your perogative. You would be aware PPru
  10. Turbo’s Safety Management System is why - every Flying School now has to have one. So whats proposed is a pyramid system where an over arching Flight Training organisation big enough to have the resources to afford the SMS, and Office manager (to keep up with all the BS paperwork and compliance issues) who sees to it that satelite schools preach to the ever increasing standards being imposed by those above. I’ts a system where flying schools do the work for RAA head office. There are changes similar to this going on in the GA training regime as we speak, I know of two who have decided not t
  11. Did the AOPA president have anything nice to say about RAA after recent events? P.S. I'm not surprised OZ Runways are a little gun shy after their last sponship effort went pear shaped.
  12. Aus Airventure looks about the size of any number of Aero Club flyins held in the country throughout the year. The turnout must be a massive disappointment to RAA and the organisers. My take on it is that the attendance at Airventure is a byproduct of M & M turning the organisation upside down and allienating the rest of the recreational flying world recently in an effort to impose themselves wanting to take over all recreational flying. It just stinks!.
  13. The Robbi accident was in South West Victoria, roughly five miles south west of Darlington on the Geelong - Hamilton highway.
  14. OME - The pilot identifies the airfield as Serpentine in his radio call prior to taxiing to the runway.
  15. The answer is simple - leave them on the VH register and give their pilots driver standard medicals (as is their wish) and leave RAA in charge of RAA registered aircraft up to 600kg. Providing work for LAME’s is not part of our charter or responsibility. The idea that we should take over all recreational aircraft or perish is complete and utter B/S. M&M should lower their focus and look after the current members so called rights and privileges. Stop employing extra staff for B/S positions and IT upgrades to cater for a group of people who are not yet members (and may never wish to be).
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