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ELECTRIC motor for recreational aircraft?


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I have just read an article on the Gizmag.com website and there is a very interesting review of an electric zero motorbike. The bike's motor has the following characteristics:


1. Power = 50 kW (nearly 70 hp)


2. Torque = 144 Nm (106 ft/lb)


Even the battery life doesn't seem too bad. The reviewer used the bike for about 4 hours and depleted the battery to 50%. In an aeroplane, when the motor is revving close to full noise for cruise, this may drop to a half or a third? What about a second battery then?


The reviewer's main gripe seemed to be the cost of the electric motorbike. This was $USD17,000, or $19,500 for a version with a greater battery capacity. But, compare this with the average Rotax 80 hp or 100 hp 912!


If you look at the graphs in the article you can see how much battery capacity has increased only in the last three years. Perhaps in the next year or two (or three) this kind of technology is going to be really viable for recreational aircraft? If the battery-and-motor combination ends up weighing about the same as a tank-full-of fuel-and-a-mogas-motor, why not? Now, as soon as they produce a 90-110 hp motor that will give a four hour range in a 600 kg aircraft, I can see queues forming for the combination. I'll probably be near the front of the queue. The proviso is that the cost be comparable to the mogas engine.zero-sr-2014-electric-motorcycle-1.png.d631ce523798a08fab684764dd962a2d.png


The link for the whole story is here: http://www.gizmag.com/zero-sr-2014-electric-motorcycle-review-test-ride/32015/?utm_source=Gizmag Subscribers&utm_campaign=97a99afacb-UA-2235360-4&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_65b67362bd-97a99afacb-91251769



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What was the type of battery used?, the new technolegy ( LI_FE_PO) looks great, but needs to be a lot cheaper to be of comercial value,


AND what LAME is qualified to work on elecric aircraft.


just my two cent worth.





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Good article. I don't know why they're griping about the cost either, most new road bikes are over $15K anyway.


Battery advances are amazing, wasn't that long ago I had a 14.4 volt Bosch drill that wouldn't last an hour and wouldn't push screws without pre drilling, now my 18v DeWalt rattler will drive a 100mm batten screw into old hardwood (and go all day!)


IMHO it won't be long before we see charging stations at airports... let's hope so anyway!



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