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SDS EFI System


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I have personally met Ross here in China* and he is a very nice guy and I believe very forthright and honest. He has been making them himself for 20 years and flys a Vans RV6 with turbo Subaru EJ22.


*No his stuff isn't made in China.



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I have the system ready to install just trying to pluck up the courage to start the job.


The hardware itself come from EdgePerformance , throttle body, injectors, pressure valves fuel pumps, MAP sensors , etc.



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Been watching your thread on Avcom I think, pls hurry up or send it to me to test fit :)


There is a few running here, but also some custom EFI made setups. The one on the SDS website is still around and they are doing conversions.


An issue restricting uptake here is the restriction on modifying many of the Recreational aircraft we have. All to do with owner built or not, if not (most new ones) then they are LSA and not able to be modified without manufacturer approval which we will never get here. Jabiru themselves are less forward thinking here than the Agent in your part of the world.


There is a mixed confidence in Jabiru engines here and still many fighting reliability demons, so the acceptance to make major changes is a bit limited. Add to this high cost and its a niche market.


The Edge kit looks excellent and will open up market quite a lot I think.


I just need $$ and Im going to do it.


There is a long thread on Jabiru EFI upgrades on here somewhere



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Hi,Has anyone installed this unit in there Jabiru engines 3300. I believe there is one guy running this unit quite successfully .



002_wave.gif.62d5c7a07e46b2ae47f4cd2e61a0c301.gif Avocet ( Mike Shraples ) on this forum



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