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Email Communications....How often should these be?

Guest Andys@coffs

How often should you get RAAus comms emails, and who should generate content.  

106 members have voted

  1. 1. How often should you get RAAus comms emails, and who should generate content.

    • regularity....Never......Emails suck, I want my magaxine to be all omnipotent!
    • regularity...Weekly........less content, never more than a page, but more often
    • regularity...Fortnightly.......maybe a bit more content........still able to stand at the end
    • regularity...Monthly......may need to sit down to read it
    • regularity...every 2 months.....OMG its a book!!!
    • Content......CEO and Opps/Tech only
    • Content......As above plus board exec (President, Treasurer,Secretary)
    • Content......As above plus remainder of board
    • Content.......plus members articles
    • Content.......plus CASA management and or ASA management

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A couple of weeks back the RAAus office sent out its inaugural members communication email. This capability IMHO gives a more timely opportunity to communicate to members who have provided an email address than the more traditional magazine.


What I would like to understand is how often would you expect such communications to be (general comms not aircraft or endorsement specific).


I have a personal view, but would like to understand what people think is too often and also not often enough.


So please vote as you see fit, and if you have ideas as to specific content you want to see in the email vs the magazine let me know your thoughts on that.


With regard to content, do you have views as to who should contribute and how often...should it be open to members just like the magazine is for articles etc?


Can I ask that only RAAus members vote, others feel free to comment as you like.





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Probably more important than how often, is the content. I would like to see an overview of the current state of the organisation including major projects, rego issues and maybe some form of a poll as to which direction the Board should head on major changes. As the newsletter is only to members i would expect honest information rather than all the "Sunshine and Roses" propaganda in the magazine, which may be read by the public. I would think fortnightly would be sufficient. I did notice the first e-mail, whilst a reasonable first effort, actually provided very little information. A missed opportunity there.





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Whilst i want more regular information, more regular messaging may not achieve it other than create work for someone. Empty newsletters actually hurt the perception that things are being done or moving forward.


Writing articles , which despite what we say, does have to be sanitised and approved before release, takes time.


Id prefer a few dot points on important issues rather than weekly justification of timesheets.


My point being if your looking for a article each from say 4 people, id suggest maybe >8 hrs spent achieving that. One way or the other thats costing money or a burden to volunteer positions



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This is a reasonably good survey to start with Andy. I've found with other organisations if you get too much info too often you turn off and stop reading it but I also guess there are others who like to read/hear it all so it's a complicated thing to keep everyone happy.


I'd like to think the email was just used for major items and by the exec to keep us up to date and less important news could be either put in the magazine or put on the RAA website with a link to it from the email.


Just my two cents worth, thanks for having a go.



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I would like to see at least fortnightly newsletter with the basic run down on what projects are being worked out. It doesn't need reports from all people each fortnight, but something from the CEO and something from the board. Maybe an "interest" item could be shared in turn from other staff and board members. At the very least i would expect to here about what issues the board is currently discussing/handling so that members have a chance to let their board member know what they think. This whole idea that board members are elected every 2 years to act on our behalf but never actually find out what our behalf is on issues is NOT representation.


I would also like to see more information regarding the current sitution and what's being done to fix issues. We keep hearing that the rego issue will be fixed shortly with some new systems being put in place, but no information on what these will in tail. Things like the Ops Manual update.


I don't think it's too much work to ask the CEO right a little report on the fortnight just being and what's on the upcoming agenda, same with a member of the executive. The CEO already does such a report for the board, so why not have that put out to all the members.



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rhysmcc has got everything I feel is needed in a regular email update. There is currently no communication on the web site and little of what is really going on and what is being done to solve problems in the monthly magazine.



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I agree with most of rhysmcc's post #8 and although I ticked "fortnightly" in Andy's poll I think the frequency should depend on what there is to report rather than having to meet a regular reporting deadline just for the sake of getting something out to members. I would expect that as this newish board comes to grips with the problems facing the Association there would be a great deal that the members want to be informed about but as/if/when the Association drags it's self out of the mire and gets things on an even keel the need to report would drop off a bit. I would certainly like to receive an email on the Boards deliberations immediately following each board meeting , whether that meeting be face to face or via tele or computer conferencing.


Maybe if the RAA website had a forum that works or if the board members kept a watching brief on some of the threads on this site they would get a feel for what information members are seeking . Of course there is always the risk that they might get buried in the guano



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