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Impending cyclone on Qld Coast. . .

Phil Perry

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My friend Marv, ( Pom - resident and working on the Gold Coast ) has mentioned that there is a rather nasty looking cyclonic weather event due to brush the Queensland coast on Friday morning, . . .I hope everyone has secured their aircraft, and that no damage is caused this time . . . . . having had several aircraft damaged due to high winds over the years ( We can't all afford nuclear bunkers to keep them in obviously. . .) weather can be a real pain at times. . . .


I truly hope to see no more pictures of upside down flying machines on various airfields in the path of whatever is coming. . . .


Bon chance mes Amis. . . .and Good luck as well. . . . .





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Guest Maj Millard

Yes Marcia is now Cat 5 and still offshore...looks like it will hit around the St Lawrence area which is pretty flat and the Rockhampton and Yeppoon areas. St Lawrence and Yeppoon have now been evacuated. Very tight system with well defined eye....and a lot of rain will fall as a result as it is predicted to travel south down through coastal areas towards Brisbane later in the day. WX in Townsville is fine clear and almost calm as we prepare for a funeral for one of our local aviators at 10 am.



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