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Tip among'st my mates!


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I have this ladyfriend (for a bit on the side) and i've entered her number as "LOW BATTERY"!


Whenever she calls and i'm not there, my misses takes the phone and puts it on charge for me.


It's so good to be able to share a few worthwhile tips on these forums!067_bash.gif.26fb8516c20ce4d7842b820ac15914cf.gif



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If I ever need to change it, I could try Bureau of Meterology Marine Weather, but that might look a bit sus if they're asking me if the coast is clear?rain.gif.5409f0367857047bb0ed70f1ff7b4d3b.gif

That might be worse; "Your not bloody well going flying again?! The lawns need mowing!" ....



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