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CASA stopped in the Senate -

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Senator Xenophon stops the CASA regulations:


Part 145 Manual of Standards


And about time this happened with the disaster set of regs served up by CASA.


$250m and counting.


Then there is the $89.9m and counting from the continuing avgas/ avtur levy.




The Disallowance Alert lists all instruments subject to a notice of motion for disallowance (whether at the instigation of the committee or an individual senator or member). The progress and eventual outcome of any such notice is also recorded.





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In fact, to interpret any of the regulation relating to specialist maintenance, at least five separate documents are required to be accessed and read.



You read your part 42;


You read your part 145;


You read your part 145 MOS;


Your read your part 66;


You read your part 66 MOS;


You read the guidance material;


You read the explanatory note for the guidance material;


You put your left foot in;


You take your left foot out;


You put your left foot in and you shake it all about;


I don’t see what the problem is....Seems pretty clear to me



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Guest Maj Millard

This could be encouraging....what an arse backwards ballsed up system it is. They take the FAR guidelines from the US ( which work fine) and stuff them up so much that they will never work here...all the time keeping themselves in a job at our expense.



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Doesn't Canberra exist purely to take sound principles, then totally screw them to the point where they cannot be applied? I was just reading an ATSB report on an ATC incident - total bollocks and full of pointless jargon. Smart country? Bah Humbug!



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