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I haven't done any weight and balance checks at all yet either so guess this could affect the trim too,,, its a heavier motor the aerovee than the jab so not sure how it will balance out



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G'day everyone,,,, bit of an update I guess as it's been ages really since I have been on the forums as a regular. The plane is flying quite nicely now. A few things I'd like to do though would be to fit the wheel spats and clean up the cowling a bit. I ordered a new prop which hopefully will arrive soon as the rev's aren't quite in the ball park so I'm hoping a finer pitch prop will give me a higher climb rate.


I never realised quite how much I liked building now that the plane is virtually finished, so as a bit of a repeat offender, I have bought a quick build Sonex kit due to depart Oshkosh around mid May.


I've got some big trips planned this year so am looking forward to seeing how well the pup flies long distances before, I guess, I will have to kiss it goodbye (some day :) ).


It would be nice to take it to Natfly as well if I can get the time off work. I will definitely have to make the next Westfly though :)





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Do you have any information you could share regarding the Aerovee engine. From the fact you plan to build a Sonex, I expect it must have been at least reasonable.


I'm right at the start of my journey, taking lessons and working out what to build or buy. My inspiration came from visiting the Oshkosh Airventure this year. Seeing the 7 day wonder come together and later seeing the Sonex stand including the Aerovee and of course the Subsonex among other sights was quite a revelation. Until Oshkosh and the LSA aircraft exhibited, aviation for me was being carried as freight around the country and visiting avaition museums. Now I suppose the bug has bit.







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The Aerovee has been ok in terms of reliability. Once I threw away the Aerocarb and fitted a Rotec throttle body it ran great.


For my Aeropup I think the Rotax 912 would have been a better engine choice but the plane flies just fine. It's just the climb rate isn't as good as what the Rotax powered versions are getting with the reduction gearbox and bigger props. In terms of reliability I am impressed enough with them to buy a second unit for the Sonex I'm building. In fact my turbo upgrade kit just arrived in the mail 1 day b4 Christmas. Hopefully I will have the Sonex flying by the end of the Year. I wouldn't rush into making any decisions yet about building or buying or what make or anything. Learn to fly first, fly a few different ones and you will be surprised as to what you may find interests you after you have been flying for a bit. Lots of options out there. Something may just pop up when you least expect it.


As for me I just like building. :)


good luck ...



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