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Russian Air Force Su-34 Syria veteran, 25 Red, was spotted traveling up the highway near Voronezh about 450klm south of Moscow. It appears to be one of the two that were damaged in a mid air collision near Lipetsk in early September. Speculation is that it will be used as a static training airframe. An unusual way to transport a plane 120klm up the highway.







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Cheaper than hiring a big flatbed?


Could be, Marty; no crane or low loader needed. It would be a slow trip but a lot cheaper. Noticed there's cables running back to the main gear. Maybe to spread the load or braking possibly. I remember reading that they're quite roomy inside with a small galley and space for one pilot to have a lie down on long flights. The pilots enter via a ladder through the nose gear well like a larger bomber so I guess the bulky area behind the cockpit is where that all happens.



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. An unusual way to transport a plane 120klm up the highway.


See all sorts of interesting things being moved in simple, logical ways when there's no anal rentitive authoritorians ready to pounce on every move you make.



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