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  1. Soviets did the same thing during their Afghan war. The Il-76's would do a steep approach and bank 45+ degrees.
  2. I'd like to be able to add something positive to the debate, but where do you start; there's so many variables. Some points for starters: 1. Who do we identify as threats or potential enemies? 2. What type of threat would we encounter - a traditional attempted invasion or a more modern form of hybrid warfare? Or more likely, a combination of both. Hybrid examples could be blockading sea lanes to starve us of supplies and fuel. Cyber warfare to immobilize our electricity grid and defences, or even knocking out our satellites. If we figured out the above
  3. Right up into the jet age the accident rates were confronting on some aircraft types. The USAF lost 889 F-100 Super Sabres to accidents, killing 324 pilots.
  4. Did you know that a major feature of the much hyped U.S. Combat Edge System introduced in 1996 was developed by the Soviets and has been in use with Russian fighter jets since 1956. It took the Americans 40 years to copy the Russian occipital bladder helmet/mask tensioning system. Better late than never. 😮
  5. Exactly, onetrack. The bang seats help but it's the training that saves lives. Stick to your training and you have a good chance of surviving. Spend time debating the issue and you die. It's that simple.
  6. Thanks Peter, I haven't seen it as yet. I see it's available on DVD so I'll buy a copy.
  7. These Smithsonian photos haven't been colourised; they are original colour photographs that the museum has recently scanned to digital format. The colourisation of B&W photos is great. It can add extra clarity to the originals. It must be good software to colour film footage.
  8. The National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution are digitalising their stock of colour photos from WW2. A lot of aviation history there. The attached photo shows two Marine Corsair F-4U's burning after a collision in the Solomons. https://www.facebook.com/pg/airandspace/photos/?tab=album&album_id=10157308006737797&__xts__[0]=68.ARA8XSL5ddnkvLBk9LLjYZb8Qcrpo96ufyCcc4sGDtlULcfm61KlVvNikn7LAHggsEx9nymK90P2J-L74ZkAlSKQkO953NLz9HyMZjE582AP11AhiPPN2-WpxfN8pWZ0s5Q5rJqRrAGX-4I-KNu8vkZbfFk5nVmyl0CoZd-p5PIKvmiKpnRoR4e41gy-XbMl1U52K7B9YYaDW9DkUIDtaQfPFuFurL7ekxWtUIKu8-mlAaDTGZ9_g33
  9. Maybe another possibility is that his harness wasn't tightened enough and when he went inverted, he's lost control or accidentally caused the wrong control input right at that critical moment.
  10. The connection speed would cut me out of the picture. I think you only get a certain number of airports with the programme and a lot has to be streamed live.
  11. After meeting up with these two, a couple of dozen Germans would have agreed with that. ☹
  12. Only one flying; a second one was part built and mothballed. I'd bet the Russians are kicking themselves that they didn't keep the Antonov Design Bureau in Russia.
  13. I don't normally collect undies, but I recently acquired a set of these PZh-1 piddle pants. They were originally introduced in the mid 90's for the MiG-31 pilots but weren't taken up in a big way. Zvezda has reintroduced them as part of the equipment set for the Su-57, so with the combination of aerial refueling and OBOGS, they will have long range capability without the discomfort of the pilots having to undo everything mid flight to use the old canister type. Although these shorts don't look overly comfortable having to spend the flight with the little pilot residing in that contraption
  14. Welcome to the club, Old Koreelah; I thought I was the only one.
  15. change.org petition to save Bruntingthorpe. Time is rapidly running out. Sign the Petition
  16. Haven't done it for a while but wouldn't mind getting back into it. I think a new computer would have to be first on the list. Then retire the old FS9 and try a newer sim. A bloke I know in the U.K. has been playing around with some old aircraft instruments, trying to get them to work with the flight sim programme. So far he's had an EGT gauge work as well as a gear indicator. He uses the open source Flightgear sim and in the case of the EGT gauge, has hacked the code to output the Jet Pipe Temperature over USB. An Arduino board is connected to the laptop by USB and reads the temperature da
  17. If anyone gives them a hard time about being such a small country, they can always point out that it's 7,000 klm. from one side of the Netherlands to the other. Just a lot of ocean in between that they don't own.
  18. As an addition to the above comment on the amount of white space being a bit more glare on the eyes. It would probably be different for each viewer depending on their device or monitor size. I use a 950mm x 550mm TV screen as a monitor, so it's more noticeable than on a laptop for instance. It's like when they brought out the crystalbrite laptop screens. It was hard on the eyes initially, but after a while, you don't even notice it.
  19. Seems to be working ok. It takes a bit of getting the old eyes used to the higher level of glare as there is a much larger amount of white. Now that I've found the return to top arrow, it's a lot easier to navigate back to the main page. All good, the eyes will adapt.
  20. Madame MiG is worth a mention. Marina Popovich joined an aero club when she reached the minimum five foot height limit at the age of sixteen. After putting her age up to twenty two and battling the post war Soviet ban on female military pilots, she was accepted into a military flight school. She worked as an engineer and flying instructor, then went on to join the Air Force in a long career as a test pilot, reaching the rank of Colonel. She was the third woman to break the sound barrier and flew over forty types of aircraft, setting more than a hundred world records, some of which still hold t
  21. Red wine is known to swell the fingers.
  22. I shipped an aircraft seat in from Germany once. The freight cost was bad enough, but on top of that I got a full A4 list of charges totalling almost $900 to get it released from Brisbane airport. And that was with no customs duty.
  23. That is light; I hadn't done the conversion. I seem to remember when they had the test dummy neck breaking problem that it happened with weights under 60 or 65kg.. Can't remember the exact figure, but around that mark. Only one pilot was grounded until the above fixes were brought in. I think the problem was with low altitude ejections where seat/pilot separation is immediate. The low weight dummies caused the seat to rotate further forward, causing a bigger snapback of the neck when the main chute deployed, hence the addition of the panel between risers. At least, that's the way I understood
  24. In answer to the above question, I've received this update: "The F-35 program introduced the final standard of the US16E ejection seat in LRIP 10 in May of 2017. This configuration of ejection seat incorporates a pilot weight selection capability and a fabric panel on the parachute risers to control head motion. These features work together with a lightened helmet to allow the full weight range of 103 to 245 pound pilots to safely eject from the F-35. These most recent seat improvements join other state of the art technologies previously incorporated into the F-35 escape system, including
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