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Old Aircraft Photos.

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I happened to come across a Russian website which has hundreds, if not thousands, of old photos of aircraft, many from WWI and WWII, and many you may not have seen in the past. Naturally there are a lot of Russian aircraft as well as German and other nationalities. The menu is ultra simple, but confusing, because things are listed in code.


For example, observation helicopters are listed under oh/, anti submarine aircraft listed under sww/, second world war fighters under fww2/ and so on.


Aircraft within categories are similarly coded, eg. CAC Boomerang is listed as CA12. There are usually two copies of each image, one small and one large.


Here is an example of the large Vickers Warwick heavy bomber photo (some are full screen) -




and here is a small Boomerang photo -




If you are locked down in self isolation with nothing to do, this may kill some time for you. Here is the link.

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"The menu is ultra simple, but confusing, because things are listed in code."


You mean like Australia Airport designation.


Australia, Mascot, YSSY.

Tullamarine, YMLL

Makes sense to some, ?


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From Wikipedia:


The prefix Y is reserved for Australia. For many (but not all) Australian ICAO codes, the second letter indicates which flight information region (FIR) the airport belongs to – B Brisbane, S Sydney, M Melbourne and P Perth. However, the Sydney and Perth FIRs no longer exist and have been merged into the Brisbane and Melbourne FIRs, although the airport codes remain unchanged (e.g. Sydney YSSY, Darwin YPDN).


Airport codes with the second letter X are reserved for heliports and are often associated with hospitals (e.g. Canberra Hospital, YXCB)


Adelaide is in what was the Perth FIR so the code for Adelaide is YPAD. Also, Tullamarine is YMML - Australia, Melbourne FIR, Melbourne.

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I have a few of my own in the edcoatescollection. Haven't added any in the last few years because I haven't taken any photos of aircraft that fit his criteria recently.

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