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The OME ignition system leaves a little to be desired. I changed mine to light speed plus a slick mag.

Stable flight characteristics, slower than advertised cruise. Good fuel use age and brilliant endurance. Comfortable cabin.

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You'll have to shift to GA to get what you want.  There are a couple of PA-28-235 aircraft on market at around $85-95,000.  They will haul 4 people + 4 hrs fuel @ 125-130 kts but you'll burn 36-40LPH....ouch.   If you want to go high wing, then a C182 fits your requirements but the pre-1985 models are Continental powered and good for about the same costs as the 235 Piper but burn more like 45-48LPH. The Lycoming models started in 1998 and are priced above $160-180,000 at the low end.  


The 'gap in GA aircraft performance from the 110kts of fixed pitch C172 or PA-28-180 up to the CSU equipped PA-28-235 or C182 is the usual sticking point.  It's a big jump in cost of operation for arguably no better fuel efficiency, but loads are better.


happy days,

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