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Ok, What Now???

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The site is going well, in my opinion. There are still a few things to do but I had to get the email system working properly first and then:

1. I can start adding Flying Schools and Clubs in the Groups Section

2. I can start adding Aircraft Manufacturers/Distributors and Agents into the Supplier System


However we now have apart from the Forums:

Groups - for all your special interest groups of users

Blogs - for you to add any aircraft builds and personalised general blogs

Events - for all aviation events when they start back up after Covid


- A Photo Gallery

- A Video Library

- Interesting articles to read

- Aviation Movie database

- Aviation Books database

Aircraft - a database on all the different aircraft for you to look up and use as a resource

Our Shop - our comprehensive discounted Clear Prop Pilot Supplies shop

Classifieds - where you can list your classifieds for free

Suppliers - a section for suppliers to the aviation industry...you guys need to populate this


- Free online resources for you to use

- Free downloads like copies of books, files and other things

- Flying Tutorials...you guys need to populate this area with any tutorials that you can add like Maintenance etc

- A Google Earth view on all the different Airfields that you can use and update with the info you may have

Members - all the site members, the leaders, staff and more

Off Topic - a link for everyone to use to discuss Off Topic areas of interest


So, what now? What else do you need that will make this site the overall best resource available to all pilots...I need you to tell me what else you need!!!


And don't forget to help populate all the areas of the site...thanks

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Ian, as you probably know I started a Group for our club when you added groups. I emailed quite a few people but no- one joined RF as a result. The two who signed up were already RF members. So there was no point in proceeding. I had expected to expand RF as a result as other clubs joined. I don't know what this means. But you may not get clubs involved.

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I'd like to raise again something I mentioned a little while ago, restoring a feature from the old system, the matter of Aircraft stats.






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