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Hi Allegro2000, 098_welcome.gif.81ff07d492568199326e4f64f78d7bc6.gif


Look forward to hearing more about your flying. You will get plenty of helpful info from the folks on this site if you need it.







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Hey Allegro,


Glad to have you along. Hope you enjoy the forums and give some input good or bad. please tell us the Allegro2000 story Eg; flying yet, experience, family?


Enjoy the site and don't be shy.





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Guest Wigg

Welcome Allegro enjoy your time on here. The members are a very friendly & knowledgable so don't be afraid to ask questions. Wigg



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The Allegro has lots of good things going for it, however at the end of the day what are the important characteristic that you need. As I have discovered aircraft have good points but there is always a trade off. I selected the Allegro at a time I was learning to fly a Jabiru LSA. I have a property at 3550 ft and intended to put an airstrip on it. But with 450 metres available this raised questions. In summer a Jab would be struglling to take off, whereas the Allegro 2000 with a 100 Hp Rotax is off in 120 to 180 metres. A comment that has been made many time about my Allegro, by other pilots, it takes off from a postage stamp and lands on half a postage stamp. The flaps in no 2 setting turns the thing into a Stuka dive bomber. Also the glide is wonderful I have amazed some instructors with engine out exercises basically completing the circuit as if the engine was still going. So what is the down side? well with all that lift and the light weight I find that I have to back off in turbulence say to 70-75 knots. Although I flew a Allegro 2007 at Piseck in the Czech Republic in very turbulent conditions and it was an absolute joy to fly. The Allegro 2000 has looked after me, I can put it down on a 50 cents coin and I have great confidence when I fly it, that confidence is evident to other pilots that accompany me. There is one Allegro 2000 that has talked of rudder problems but I have not experienced that condition.



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G'day Allegro


The scheme looks familiar if your small image is your aircraft. But having said that a lot of Allegros probably have similar schemes.


Your aircrafts rego would not be "4223" or "4205" would it? Its Just a hunch.





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Goodday Scottw


That is not my colour scheme, it is actually red white and blue it was an image available to me. I chose a brilliant colour scheme because as a trainee pilot I had failed to see a white 172 on final against a cloudy sky and nearly entered the runway. The next week I was on final in a white Jabiru and a Tomahawk failed to see me, resulting in a hurried radio call. I learnt the lesson "be seen"




Allegro 2000



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