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$100 hamburger


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Greetings folks,


I am trying to put together a list of "places" (airstrips) that are worth while visiting that have a cafe or restaurant within walking distance of the strip. For example Warumbungles have a strip and homestead where a meal can be had, example (used to be, don't know if it still is, but) Cessnock had a winery and restaurant just off the end of the strip.


There has got to be more, and not just in NSW (I am in country QLD).


Any ideas?





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Try Milawa, south of Albury. Landing is free (with prior permission) and next to the strip is Brown Bros winery with a fantastic restaurant!! Good grass strip and you can get strip condition over the phone before setting off.





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There is the Snap Roll Cafe in Masterton not far from the runway at Hood Aerodrome. There are limited hours so check before going there. They sell awesome 'home-made' muffins.


However, it will be a little more than $100 to get there.


BTW: You'll need long-range tanks as well.



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Guest davidh10

A friend recently told me of Summerfield Winery in the Pyranees ranges in Victoria. Really good wine area and several other excellent wineries within cooee. We're thinking about it for a group overnighter next year sometime.


Has its own private strip (permission required to land), accommodation and is walking distance from the local hotel.


Sounds like it would be good and accommodation looks like very reasonable rates for self contained facilities.


I know it isn't exactly close to Qld ;-)



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