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Avalon 2007


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Hi All


Thought I might start a sticky thread for Avalon. So who is going and when - if any of you want to meet up with each other then make a time and meet up at the Recreational Flying site. Post here anything to do with Avalon.


Naturally I will be there all the time manning the site and keeping a watchful eye out over the $25,000 (cost price) of all the stock that is going to be there on sale. Any help is greatly appreciated as I am sure there will be the odd tea leaf there (thief).


I went down and had a look at the site today - IT'S GREAT - it's huge so there will be plenty of room for any of you if you want to drop in. I tested the wireless internet connection while I was there and it worked really great - very fast as I ended up sending the Optus one back and went for the Telstra Next G wireless connection with 1 gig for the first month then down to 200meg per month.


Also went on a shopping spree yesterday - got 10 chairs, 2 small tables, 2 big umbrellas, 2 large tins of coffee and large pack of tea bags, 4 family packs of biscuits (can always get more), sugar, coffee cups, large pump bottle of sunblock for you guys etc. So you all should be nice and comfortable when you drop in to or use as a base YOUR Recreational Flying Stand at Avalon.


I hope to see and meet a lot of you there! :big_grin:



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All the stock is arriving now for the shop at our stand at Avalon. So far about a third has arrived including the latest order of Recreational Flying Headsets. This latest delivery of headsets are in the permanent colour scheme that I have adopted for them.


The Apparel is proving a problem with the supplier playing games with me and full of lies about delivery but I saw the shirts and display samples today about half done so tomorrow they should be finished. The same goes for the promotional items like 50 Stubby Holders, 50 Mouse Pads and 50 Coasters.


So don't forget to drop in to the Recreational Flying site and help promote these forums and the rest of the site to anyone who will listen - a free cuppa and biscuits and sunscreen lotion for your trouble.











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Well Avalon opened today and it was a day of the Testosterone challenges. Most of the aerial displays were of the boys trying to outdo each other in the F111s, F15,s and Hornet's - gee the F111 still looks the part when they tuck their wings in, put their head down and scream past with their afterburner blazing in their wake.


The day was mostly overcast which hid the sun from the already bright pink face and neck - temp was 23 (but looking at 33 on Fri) so I thought the crowd was reasonable but probably about average for the first day given that it is a Trade day. This meant there was absolutely no waiting line to get lost in the back of the massive C17 - and the Javelin, well that plane is one to sell the house for.


Anyway hope to see some of you guys as the days go by.



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I have some bad news, I wont be able to make it down there this year, and i had a surprised planned, and its not a nice feeling having to tell the RAAus that the Vampire wont be on display for them this year, especially after all the polishing i have done! my arms are still aching!


but all is not lost, i will be flying her into Narromine!! :)



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Some pictures from today at Avalon. It was another day of the testosterone challenge including my CT going for a flying display and then the Herald Sun (the Melb newspaper) wanted a picture of the CT up next to the C17 - I hope they print it in the paper as seeing the CT next to the massive C17 was great





































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Guest brentc

Looks like fun and I hope I can get there for some half decenct weather, but Sat is not looking good.


Just spoke to a mate Paul Andronicou with his Extra 300S, he ran me through his routine for Sat and Sun and it sounds impressive indeed. Starting at 5,000ft with tumbling snap rolls to ground level with a longie off the deck and many more crazy stunts from there. His aircraft is newly sponsored by Vero Insurance so it should look good dressed in their colours. (I wonder if they are branching into aviation?)


Eugene's Lightwing on floats looks great as usual, he keeps it looking smick like that all of the time. It's hard to beleive but that exact aircraft with same paint won best Ultraight at Avalon, 10 (yes ten) years ago! It's now based at Tooradin and the queue to fly it is growing by the minute.


The Santa-Claus in front of Eugene is the new RA-Aus assistant ops manager Mick Poole.



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"His aircraft is newly sponsored by Vero Insurance so it should look good dressed in their colours. (I wonder if they are branching into aviation)"


We have had the Jab insured with Vero for a number of years


They have been the best price each year.


The stand looks great Ian



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Guest bateo



It looks like you've really done well with the Recreational Flying Stand.. You have really got a good mixture of items there.. Hope it pays off!! I just hope it all doesnt sell out before Narromine!! haha



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Also note in the picture:




- the two guys in the front are Shaun and Leo, the CT distributors and the guy at the back is my father who has been coming down each day to help me with it all.


Day 3 was great with a lot of forum members dropping in for a yarn and a coffee. It can get a bit busy as I do want to say hi to all of you that drop in to YOUR Recreational Flying stand but sometimes I get cut short so I apologise to those that I can't sit down and have a chat with.


The Testosterone boys were at it again today although there were a lot of other displays as well - the CT went up again in the flying display following Pip Boormans aerobatic display - unfortunately the CT didn't even come close to Pip's display but nevertheless the CT looked great - the PA commentator called it "cute" 068_angry.gif.cc43c1d4bb0cee77bfbafb87fd434239.gif 006_laugh.gif.0f7b82c13a0ec29502c5fb56c616f069.gif


I stole 5 mins to have a quick walk around the inside displays and had a chat with a lot of suppliers there - I can tell you look out for some great products coming soon. Also, had a chat to Shelley from Australian Flying - first time I had met her face to face, very nice lady. I had a chat to Aviation Trader about the possibility of everyone here getting a copy of the Aviation Trader magazine sent to you each release automatically - will ask you all if you would like that next week with a poll.


I may also be able to get a product that you add to water that you can sip (really nice flavour) when you fly to keep you re-hydrated - only available at chemists at the moment but hopefully soon from here and there is a lot more goodies as well.


Looks like tomorrow may be the worst day for weather with something like 50 knot winds and rain forecast but let's hop it isn't to bad.


Anyway, hope to see a lot more of you guys over the next couple of days - the coffee is free ;)


PS - I tried the Composiclean wax spray today for the first time and whilst everyone told me it was great stuff I actually didn't know how good it was till today - that stuff (plug happening here) is just absolutely incredible - the CT was sparkling like you wouldn't believe, no rubbing or buffing or streak marks or anything, you just spray it on and just wipe it off in one pass - it really shined and the surface was so darn slippery that it was like glass - sorry guys for the plug but I am so impressed with it - no wonder it was all the rage at Oshkosh last year.



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Guest brentc

Is the composiclean for composites as in gelcoat? or is it for paint, like a Jabiru? I wasn't sure if the CT is actually painted, as the Texan and a few others aren't.



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Guest Crash Lander

Ian, did you happen to meet Chuck Yeager at all? How accessible is he? I'm hoping for the chance for an autograph. Possible you reakon?



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Brent - the CT is painted (in 2 pack - I think they call it) - if you are down on Sun have a look at the stuff - as I said this was the first time I have used it myself.


Chris - no idea mate as I haven't had much of chance to have a really good look around as yet - perhaps have a look on the Air Show website to see if he is making any special appearances - I am guessing he will be specially on the public days.



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Not a good day at Avalon today - in fact an absolutely shocking day - 46 knot winds and the dust just destroyed everything. Many people just gave up and went home - enough said, I am going to go and soak in a bath for about 2 hours now to get the dust out and start getting ready to leave home again at 6am tomorrow for a day that they say will have rain!


I think we are going well with getting the name of the site out there though - we will have to wait and see how many new members roll up in the coming days.



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Guest Fred Bear

Awesome Ian. Love the pics, the stand and the media attention! Makes me really want to be there. You have put in so much effort mate. Amazing. I will be sure to take some pics and video at Narromine this year to do some 'promoting'.Ha ha ha.Looking forward to it and hope the setup is something like your Avalon one. Well done! :)



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Great to finally meet you out there on Thursday! I hadn't intended to even get to Avalon, but found myself in Melbourne on other business - and at 3pm decided to head out there to check out your booth. Was also good to meet the CT guys (and your Dad!)


For others - I got the opportunity to have a real close look at Ian's CT, and have to say the features, fit and finish of that thing are superb.. The glass panel is impressive and all the minor controls clearly labelled and fall to hand. The cabin feels very spacious and provides good vision in all directions - out, down, up and rearwards.


I have to say that I had always thought that CTs looked a bit like a bloated tadpole - in pictures; but see them in the flesh and 3D brings quite a different proportion: sleek, purposeful with real presence.


A premium product. (And No - I'm not a recent buyer or agent...)


Ian, can you give me the brand of your Italian made "portrait" mounted GPS? It looks the goods to me... and want to check it on the web.


See you at Narromine!;)







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Well, I am starting to feel worn out from it all - today was very busy and I think by the way that a lot of people commented on what we are all trying to do here was extremely positive - I think over the coming days we should see some great people join up in the forums.


The wind although not as bad as yesterday was still there that put a damper on things especially with the rain that popped in every now and then. It was cold, 19 deg, so the Rec Flying coat that was delivered (finally) yesterday was fantastic - they are so warm (pics coming soon).


A few more interesting flying displays today with a few aerobatics and great formation flying with the jets. The jet glider put in a great display as it has been doing all week and the wind down the strip made the Caribou look fantastic with its STOL capabilities - at one point at about 1,000ft it looked as though it had stopped - sheer brilliance - and then just nose down and straight in landing on a sixpence.


I was very busy today talking to people, promoting this site and selling a few items that I didn't get a chance to take many photos but my 9yo daughter Caitlin took the camera for some fun. here are the ones that I could salvage from the camera.


PS, this is one picture where I thought it was about time to introduce my wife (Corrine) to my girlfriend my plane (the guy in there is Shaun) - warning don't try this at home ;)

















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Guest brentc

I think I heard the B52 on Melbourne Centre whilst I was cruising around yesterday. The Callsign was "Havok" followed by a number like 62 (but I can't recall it. The American accent was easy to pick but very hard to understand and he spoke very fast. I was pretty sure it was the B52 as they used the "Havok" callsign at Bairnsdale airshow and believe me if it was to drop bombs on you it would definintely cause som Havok!


Poor Ian is in his car heading out there now. I hope the weather is better today than yesterday.



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