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Zenith 701

Guest Redair

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Guest Redair

Greetings each, OK so my last attempt failed to generate any replies, so it looks like I'll just have to take the long road and type out what I want to know!


So, has anyone out there built their own Zenith CH701? Does anyone out there even own one? Well, I've seen the company website, and if the video clips are for real, this is one very special little aircraft, and more to the point, could be just what I want... subject to a few questions being answered that is.


So assuming that there is a kind soul out there, who has gone through the process of purchase, to build and then fly... and who is willing to share their knowledge of the same, I would really be grateful for some idea on how easy/difficult it was to put together, the total cost involved, and maybe most important, was it worth it in the end?


Failing that, does anyone have any experience of building similar aircraft, and what were the costs involved?


Regards, Redair.



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i was initially looking for a 701. but decided on a savannah instead, essentially the same aircraft, but all parts have been pre drilled and cut to shape saving a heap of time and less chance of error, also there are a lot more savannahs in oz than 701, with the new VG wing they are faster and have the same STOL capability.. numerous members on this site have savannahs


the bit that sold me on the savannah was all the little unlisted extras are included, such as Instruments, wiring looms, fuel lines, cabin heating ducts,upholstery litereally everything less engine and paint, and the engine will only need to be bolted up as everything will be there.... so ive been told, i haven't bought my kit yet, waiting for a house to sell to finance it..


no, i dont work for savannah and have no interest in the business.



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There is a CH701 in this area although I havn't seen it for some time. It was supposedly quick and easy to build, but I flew in it once as a passenger and it didn't impress me, also to be kind to it it is just plain ugly.


We have a Savannah at Rods Bay and it is a much nicer looking aircraft, very nice to fly and has never had the slats fitted. Since I flew it the owner has fitted vortex generators and the performance is impressive.



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Guest landman

keen.gif.9802fd8e381488e125cd8e26767cabb8.gif I can not speak for the 701 as I have seen them but never been up in one. I would certainly get in touch with Eric at Skykits. He delivered a factory built Savannah ADV to me here in Hawaii on the big island. I have 72 hours on it now and I am really pleased with it. The service from Skykits is number one. 018_hug.gif.8f44196246785568c4ba31412287795a.gif 018_hug.gif.8f44196246785568c4ba31412287795a.gif 018_hug.gif.0182e32b48b2df8aaf412ac8488cf68a.gif 018_hug.gif.8f44196246785568c4ba31412287795a.gif 018_hug.gif.0182e32b48b2df8aaf412ac8488cf68a.gif 018_hug.gif.8f44196246785568c4ba31412287795a.gif





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Guest pelorus32

Hi Redair,


I had a quick look at the specs for the 701 and at the Savannah. A comparable though maybe better performing alternative might be the Aeroprakt Foxbat. It is available as a kit and RTF. I think that RTF is in the $80K Australian or thereabouts.


I flew it last weekend and was pretty impressed.


See here for my impressions:




BTW I have no connection with the distributor and nothing to gain.







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Guest micgrace



I did build a 701. I won't say much, but claims of 450hrs to build are fairly low. There was a lot of shimming required to get evething just so, without, the result is pretty rough.


Apart from that, they fly reasonably well as claimed. (mine had R582 and no wing tanks)





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We have just about finished a 701. It has been scratch build from plans. Having to make all the parts our selves it has taken a while to complete. I have flown in both the 701 and the Savannah (both with and without the slats) There short take off and landing impress me. At Natfly 2007 I had a fly in a savannah without the slats; we landed on runway 11 on the threshold at the end of the runway and still had plenty of room to pull-up and turn onto the taxiway. The new 701 kit has many of the sheets now pre drilled. As soon as I can sell my boat I will be ordering a 701 kit in from the States. I know off about 4 other 701 in the SE QLD area. All happy with there planes.


Please contact me if you would like any further details.






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Guest floatHigh

I am a bit late joining into this thread but I can still add a bit.


Ealier this year I visited the factory to try the CH 601 while my colleague (Richard) tried the CH 701.


Seeing as I had travelled far to get there, I also had a flight in the 701. The Zenith resident pilot, Roger, took me up for a demonstration,


and I had a fly for most of it.


My ending opinion is that I changed my mind about the choice of aircraft I would build if I was to build one of these two!


The CH 701 was great fun!


In fact, the staff were preparing to fly to the Sun'n Fun show in Florida the following week, and there was a rush as to who would pilot


the CH 701 over the CH 601!


It appeared that Sebastien Heintz (President of Zenith) won.


I asked him why his preference, and he answered that it was more fun and that he enjoyed slow flight at low altitude.


The kit comes as a fast build kit for those in a hurry and are short of time.


Something new this year is that although you can be building from plans, you can now also purchase and part as a formed component,


as a separate individual item.


This is useful for when you are having problems making a difficult bit! Just buy it if you don't have the tools! ;)





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"Apart from that, they fly reasonably well as claimed. (mine had R582 and no wing tanks)"


I read in the 'Zenith CH-701 --> folding wings option' part of the forum that it was a pain to fold the wings because of the fuel tanks in the wings. I was wondering, did you elect to put the fuel tank somewhere else or is this a later modification?


To me, the best solution is to avoid wing tanks altogether and make folding the wings a much easier exercise. Perhaps this is too simplistic?


Does anyone else have any thoughts on this?



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