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RAA airstrip near Melbourne


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Does anyone know of a non-controlled airstrip near Melbourne?


I have a friend in Northern Melbourne and I have to get down for her 21st and would like to fly. So I'm looking for somewhere close to north Melbourne that I can get to without getting into controlled airspace and that I can park my plane over the weekend.




And if its clost to a bus or something to take me to the city, it would be even more awesome,







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Ooops - typo there , Chird65, Penfield (Sunbury) is YPEF....but I will let you off as you fly a Gazelle 004_oh_yeah.gif.82b3078adb230b2d9519fd79c5873d7f.gif







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Coldstream YCEM is a good place to go if you want to park for a few days. Phone Bob Boyd ph 03 9739 1406


fax 9739 0237 mob 0428 353 926 . Bus runs down Maroondah Hwy into Lilydale station.





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Thanks, it seems there are lots of options. Now just hope the weather is fine and all should be well.


If I come down the coast (over the timber around Mallacoota) then it looks like Coldstream. If I go over the mountains (which is unlikely since they still have snow on them) then Sunbury looks nice.


This should be fun



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